After Brutally Murdering Father, Crazed Son Chuckles As Details Are Read In Court

Posted On : 11/30/2017

A Chicago man is behind bars for the disturbing mutilation of his own father. On Saturday, November 25, Carlton Edmondson, 26, was arrested on charges of first-degree murder. According to the Chicago Tribune, Edmondson is accused of mutilating and dismembering his father’s body and the details are about as gruesome as you’d expect.

A Harrowing Murder:

It has been reported that on Nov. 25, Carlton violated an order of protection his father, Carl Edmondson, had against him. He entered his home and allegedly killed him in the basement. The victim’s brother contacted police after not hearing from him. He was aware of the protective order his brother had against his nephew. So, he immediately contacted police when he didn’t hear from him. That Saturday, officers were dispatched to the home where they made a harrowing discovery. It was obvious something definitely wasn’t right when Carlton Edmondson answered the door at his father’s residence. Because of the order of protection, he wasn’t even supposed to be at the home in the first place but he attempted to lie saying his father was in the hospital. When officers entered the home, they found the body of Carl Edmondson at the bottom of the basement staircase.

According to the statement read in court, the victim’s body was found in a mutilated state.

His head had been smashed in, with blood and brain matter strewn on the floor and walls. The victim’s penis had been severed and police located a piece of it in the basement, according to a statement read in court. Carl Edmondson also suffered deep lacerations to his lower body. His body also emitted a stench of gasoline, police said. – Chicago Tribune

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s office determined that Carl Edmondson’s death was the result of multiple injuries he suffered from the assault at the hands of his son.


Chuckling In Court:

On Tuesday, Nov. 28, Edmondson’s bond hearing took place in a Chicago courtroom. Assistant State’s Attorney Julia Ramirez shared graphic details about the case. According to Fox News, the murder suspect posted to Facebook wearing what appeared to be a blood-stained jacket. He also included a number of other disturbing posts, including bloody photos with his father’s mutilated body – that are being used in the murder case.

Posted on Carlton Edmondson’s Facebook page that day was an image of a hand touching what appeared to be the victim’s battered skull. The photo was captioned, “Yo bAudie is mA party #babhyhh.”

In the courtroom, Edmondson made numerous outbursts. When Ramirez announced the charges, Edmondson smiled and yelled, “The order of protection is gone. He is no longer living.”

Less than a week before his father’s death, Edmondson was arrested for throwing a brick through a window at his father’s home but was later released on a “recognized bond” from the police station. Edmondson has also been arrested an additional six times since September, but he always managed to end up back on the streets. However, this time around he’ll most likely be spending much more time behind bars. Carlton Edmondson has been charged with first-degree murder and violation of an order of protection.

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