[Photo Inside] Bruno Mars Getting Sued For Posting Childhood Pic Of Himself

Posted On : 11/22/2017

Is it really this serious now? There are times I wish for celebrity status, but then I see nonsense like this. Bruno Mars is currently in a lawsuit because he posted a pic of himself.

If you know anything about Peter “Bruno Mars” Hernandez, you know that — as a kid — he was an Elvis impersonator with his father.

Note: The above photo is not the photo he’s being sued over.

He had the look and personality to pull off the gimmick. And, of course, there were photographers all around snapping several moments of young Hernandez’s life.


Normal people love to participate in Throwback Thursday, right? Well, after coming across the following, particular photo of himself, Bruno felt he couldn’t wait an extra day. So, he started his own: “Way Back Wednesday.”

Proud of his humble beginnings, he posted this pic “all over his social media,” according to TMZ.

Well, that’s how Catherine McGann explains it, anyway.

She’s the photographer who took Bruno’s photo so long ago in 1989. According to her, he was only 3 or 4 years of age.

McGann mentions Hernandez was already famous due to his impersonations — performing Elvis Presley’s signature hits.

Nevertheless, the woman claims to own the copyright to Bruno’s photo. Likewise, she was “shocked” to see it “all over Bruno’s social media,” as notes the source.


TMZ obtained documents regarding the lawsuit against Peter Hernandez, and it seems to be legit.

According to McGann, Bruno posted the pic to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Supposedly, the thing that caught McGann’s attention is the fact it accumulated more than 1.2 million likes. And, that was only from Instagram alone.

With that in mind, it was time to cash in on the opportunity. TMZ reports as follows.

“McGann says Bruno never got permission to use her copyrighted work. She’s suing Bruno and his record label, Warner Music, for damages and all profits they earned from her photo.”

Daaaang! She’s trying to get Bruno like that?

Well, from a professional perspective, it IS her work. However, it does seem awfully petty though.

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[Featured Photo via @Spin1038@BrunoMarSpain / Twitter]

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