Breaking: Easter Sunday Shooting Suspect Steve Stephens Found Dead (Details)

Posted On : 04/18/2017


Here’s What Happened:

Stephens broadcast himself on Facebook Live killing an innocent old man named Robert Godwin, Sr. in April 2017. He is currently on the run from authorities. He claims he has killed many more people as well.

According to CNN, Steve Stephens, the Cleveland murder suspect accused of posting video of the killing on Facebook, was found Tuesday in Erie County, Pennsylvania, state police said on Twitter.

“After a brief pursuit, Stephens shot and killed himself,” Pennsylvania State Police said.

After the  nationwide manhunt began on yesterday,  Steve Stephens has led the police to dead ends many times over. The situation has forced authorities to search abandoned buildings and ultimately plead for help to the public to aid in capturing the suspect.

The only shooting that that is confirmed at the moment is Robert Godwin. Robert Goodwin was a self-taught mechanic and grandfather of 14 who was shot while walking home from an Easter meal in Cleveland.

Video of the killing was posted on Facebook.

Hundreds of tips have been called in, texted, emailed from all over the United States. The Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said that many that were reported, turned out to be false.

The reward was as high as $50,000 for information about Stephens’ location.


The alleged shooter, Steve Stephens also claimed to have killed several other people on Easter Sunday, Cleveland Police say. He is now wanted for homicide, Cleveland Police said in a press release. Only one shooting, which was seen in video on Facebook, has been confirmed, police said.We have uncovered 4 revealing facts about the alleged shooter, and although this story is developing, it seems that Steve Stephens doesn’t fit the profile of someone who would do such a evil thing.

‘Found Me Somebody I’m Going to Kill, This Guy Right Here, This Old Dude’

Steve Stephens, also known as Stevie Steve, is a case manager at Beech Brook, a behavioral health agency. He hails from and lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

19697006_1492449874-8408Through their tears, several of Godwin’s children said they hold no animosity against the suspect.
“Each one of us forgives the killer, the murderer,” Godwin’s daughter Tonya Godwin Baines said. “We want to wrap our arms around him.”
Godwin taught his children the value of hard work. He taught them how to love God and fear God, and how to forgive, his children said.
“They don’t make men like him anymore. He was definitely one in a million,” said another daughter, Debbie Godwin.

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