Brave College Student Shares How She Outsmarted Her Kidnapper & Rapist

Posted On : 07/28/2018

University of West Georgia college student Jaila Gladden needed some groceries so she decided to go to the grocery store. Despite it being 11:30 at night, Gladden thought she would be ok. She had no idea that a simple trip to the grocery store would become one of the worst nights of her life.

College Student Used Quick Thinking to Escape a Kidnapper & Rapist:

Back in September of 2017, 21 year-old Jaila Gladden left her Carrollton, Georgia apartment and traveled to the local Kroger to pick up some groceries. It was late at night but Gladden believed that she would be ok. Sadly, she was mistaken as an unknown man approached her to ask her for a light. Gladden informed the man that she didn’t have a lighter as she proceeded to her vehicle. As she headed to her car, Gladden noticed that the man continued to follow her as he suddenly pressed a knife to her back. Terrified, the man pushed Gladden into her vehicle as he got on the driver’s side.

According to Bored Panda, the unknown male drove Gladden’s car as he asked her for directions towards Atlanta. Fearing for her life, Gladden became to cry as she begged her attacker not to harm her. Soon, her attacker pulled up behind an abandoned church and she realized what was about to happen. As her tears flowed, Gladden’s attacker reportedly told her that her tears were pointless. Coldly, the man told Gladden to take off her clothes as he proceeded to rape her inside of her car. Afterwards, he told her he was going to drive to Michigan but needed to rob a gas station for money first.

Jalia Gladden Convinced Her Attacker To Let Her Use Her Cell Phone:

The man that attacked Jalia Gladden had plans to drive to Michigan but there was one problem. He didn’t know how to get there. As they drove in the car, the unknown man stopped at a gas station for directions but Gladden had a brilliant idea. She told her attacker that she would use her phone to Google directions to get to Michigan. Reluctantly, the man gave Gladden her phone. Quickly, she turned down the brightness on her phone as she shared her location in a text to her boyfriend, Tamir Bryant. She was able to do this via the “Share My Location” function on her iPhone, which sent him her GPS data. Tamir Bryant, Gladden’s boyfriend, was asleep when his phone buzzed. When he saw Gladden’s location he asked her why she was in Atlanta.

Kid napped, Gladden responded.

Stop playing rn, Bryant replied. I’m headed to the police station.

In her own vehicle, Gladden had been kidnapped and raped. She was hoping that a feature on her iPhone would save her life as she shared her location with her boyfriend,  Tamir Bryant. Bryant realized that Gladden was serious as he contacted the local police who then reached out to the Atlanta Police Department. Eventually, Gladden’s attacker took her phone from her and put her in the trunk as he looked for stores to rob. After his first robbery attempt was unsuccessful, Gladden told him that she needed her phone back to locate more store locations. Once Gladden had her phone back, she informed her boyfriend that she was in her car and that she was afraid because her attacker had a knife.

Thankfully, a  police officer in Atlanta saw a car matching the description in a parking lot. Soon, the suspect was arrested. Timothy Wilson, 28, was later arrested and charged with rape, false imprisonment, aggravated assault against a police officer, and other crimes, reported the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He is in jail awaiting trial.

Jaila Gladden’s iPhone Saved Her Life:

Today, Gladden is speaking out and sharing her story to warn others on the importance of being alert as well as using apps on your phone in the case of an emergency. While Gladden believes that there should have been a security guard in the Kroger parking lot, she’s thankful that her cell phone saved her life. Without the share my location feature, Gladden may not have been alive today.

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