Pitiful! Folks Trying To Shame 5-YEAR-OLD Blue Ivy And Her Dress…

Posted On : 02/23/2017

Blue Ivy's Green Dress - 'It's Gucci'Unfortunately, people have been ragging on Blue Ivy since she was born. Well, naysayers attempted to come at her All-Star weekend dress, not knowing this fact.

— New Orleans, Louisiana

Granted, from first glance, this dress does look like “wtf?”.

Yet, at the same time, it IS a child’s dress. It wasn’t designed for adults.

Children wear animated clothing. It’s what they like, and it makes them look like children — not some 5-year-old trying to be 20.

Here’s the real deal regarding Blue Ivy’s dress.

‘It’s Gucci!’

As it turns out, this dress ran Bey nearly $2,000. According to facts, this is actually part of a Gucci collection of “children’s broderie anglaise” dresses.

The source notes the dress’ cost as $1,790.

Sure, just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it looks any better. However, as a child’s dress, it more than hits the mark.

Blue Ivy's Green Dress - 'It's Gucci' II

Sometimes, the public forgets that celebrities are still people at the end of the day. Likewise, a child is still a child and really shouldn’t be held to such ridiculous scrutiny.

But, we all know it’s going to continue to happen anyway, right? Haters tend to clone themselves on the easily influenced prey of the general public.

Blisteringly Stupid Critics

Via the aforementioned tweet, regardless of the stated point, people are still attacking Blue Ivy — a 5-year-old.

Blue Ivy's green dress - It's Gucci III

They’re calling her “privileged,” as if other 5-year-olds have to work for theirs.

While it’s obvious that Blue won’t have to “struggle,” you can bet that Shawn and Beyoncé won’t allow her work ethic to lag by the wayside.

They both have extremely radical drive. Do these social critics really think they’ll allow Blue to show anything less?


Blue Ivy's Green Dress - 'It's Gucci' IV

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