Blitter (‘Black Twitter’) App Owner Says Users Were Just ‘Slaves’ To Be Sold — Claiming To Sell Platform For $1.4 Billion

Posted On : 02/07/2018

UNITED STATES — Blitter, also known as “Black Twitter” (the app), is pretty much done after the owner went on an epic rant about using Blacks as “slaves” to get rich.

Blitter was supposed to be “Black Twitter”s haven. When asked, “What is it about?,” App Advice mentions:

“Blitter is a social network built on love, passion, and empathy. Blitter does not condone racism, sexism, harassment, bots, or hate speech whatsoever.”


If you recall, it wasn’t long ago that Blitter owner Patrick Francis was caught up in a situation involving his brother. The Black Loop covered that story as his brother allegedly posted nudes of himself onto the platform as “admin.”

Well now, it seems that Francis is yet in the limelight again. However — this time — there’s no turning back.


According to Patrick, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg has allegedly purchased his app for $1.4 billion. Pat says that Zuckerberg told him he has until this weekend to accept the offer.

So, with that in mind, Pat specifically said, “I sold out, and now I’m a billionaire!

Overnight, Twitter users were blasted with a long series of tweet notifications. And, allegedly, they all came from Pat.

WARNING: The following tweets contain graphic and offensive language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Then, Pat addressed a web and application developer named Jeff. Apparently, Jeff created another social media platform called “Clout.”

Yet, according to Pat, he’s partly responsible for this platform as well. But, that’s unverified since Pat has allegedly disappeared.

Overall, there was no general direction to Pat’s Twitter/Blitter rant. His tweets were all over the place.

One minute he was talking about using Blitter users to get rich; the next, he was saying he’s Jesus, as well as “Amen Ra.” (Amun-Ra.)

As you can see, even Jeff caught wind of that one.

Yet while Pat has been completely wilding out, Jeff has been extra professional about the situation.

Too, there’s been no word from Mark Zuckerberg regarding this alleged buyout.

Likewise, someone posted a photo with caption insinuating that things might not be as Patrick Francis wants the public to believe.

Note: This may simply be a meme for humorous purposes.


Pat is the same man who addressed his brother’s incident and labeled his sibling as someone with “mental illness.” The Black Loop previously quotes the Blitter owner as follows.

“MENTAL ILLNESS is a real problem in the world and especially in our community. I EMBRACE what my brother did and realize he has a mental illness and needs help. Help me help him so we can create a better environment for all of us. I don’t know each of your families but we all need to understand that our family goes through phases of depression and mental illness without telling us.”

So, what’s REALLY going on, here?


This isn’t the time to down “Black businesses.” While most of the feedback is geared toward Patrick, himself, there are people responding that this is the effect of trusting Black businesses — as a whole.

However, Twitter user @BootniFonzworth states it best via the following tweet.

“Don’t use Blitter as a cautionary tale against supporting black businesses. Just like you don’t want people to profile you when one black person does something crazy, don’t do that to hard-working black business owners.”

All in all, let us know your thoughts regarding this situation. If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

[Featured Photo via @JoTheWhat / Twitter]

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