Blitter App Users Abandon Ship After Owner’s Brother Sends Everyone Nudes

Posted On : 01/05/2018

UNITED STATES — This is a disappointment, honestly. Seen as the actual “Black Twitter” app, the community was growing exponentially…until now.

On January 3, Blitter users received an unrequested photo to their timeline from the app’s owner’s brother. The owner, Patrick Francis, was hit with a barrage of tweets via Twitter under the hashtag #BlitterTwitter.

The issue wasn’t so much the brother’s actions (well, yes, it was). Rather, most were upset with the way Pat handled the situation.

Allegedly, instead of addressing the issue with this bro, he defended his actions by calling others “hypocrites.”

According to app users, the registration age is 12. So, it’s highly possible that teens caught a glimpse of Pat’s brother’s junk as well.


Well, after getting completely dragged for more than 24 hours straight — even becoming one of the top 10 topics on Twitter — Pat finally addressed his brother’s actions via a series of tweets.

“MENTAL ILLNESS is a real problem in the world and especially in our community. I EMBRACE what my brother did and realize he has a mental illness and needs help. Help me help him so we can create a better environment for all of us. I don’t know each of your families but we all need to understand that our family goes through phases of depression and mental illness without telling us.”

Pat continued his explanation of the situation, saying his brother’s actions were incredibly disrespectful towards him.

According to Pat, he’ss going to continue with Blitter.

“I will continue to build Blitter into what I vision. Thank you all for your forgiveness and understanding my situation.”

All in all, several app users appreciate Pat’s candor about the situation and feel he should just step away from it all for a while, gain composure, and try again once he’s straight.

Aside from this situation, have you tried the Blitter app for yourself? Right now, it’s only available through the Apple store.

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[Featured Photo via Twitter]

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