‘Black Panther’ World Premiere Was ‘Astonishing’, Says Critics

Posted On : 01/31/2018

WAKANDA, HOLLYWOOD — With only two weeks left until Black Panther‘s theatrical debut, fans and critics are already raving over the world premiere.

According to CNN, Black Panther‘s debut featured a plethora of Black, entertainment stars on Monday night, in Los Angeles.

From a look at social media response, it lived up to and surpassed the hype.

It was nothing short of African-based royalty — actor after actor, actress after actress.

According to CNN, Erik Davis — managing editor of Fandango — tweeted that the movie is “the James Bond of the MCU [Marvel Cinematic Universe].” He mentions as follows.

“You’ve seen nothing like this in a superhero movie – it’s bold, beautiful & intense, but there’s a depth & spiritualness that is unlike anything Marvel has ever done. It’s 100% African & it is dope AF.”

Jemele Hill was in the building as well and says you won’t limit yourself to one viewing.

But, possibly, one of the more memorable segments of the red carpet event was South African actor John Kani’s interview. He noted what the movie meant to him and why he accepted the part as “King T’Chaka.”

Check the powerful interview below.

If you recall in Captain America: Civil War, at the beginning of the movie, T’Challa’s (Black Panther) father, King T’Chaka, was killed during an explosion.

So, in this movie, T’Challa must return home in order to take his seat on the throne, according to CNN.

Black Panther is directed by Ryan Coogler, and it’s easily one of this year’s most anticipated films — which has already shattered records.

All in all, let us know your thoughts about the movie’s debut. If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

[Featured Photo via @AuthorJamieMcAfee / Instagram]

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