Black Masculinity…What In The ENTIRETY Of Hell?

Posted On : 07/02/2018

Black Men...What In The ENTIRETY Of Hell

UNITED STATES — Here’s where things get a bit concerning, as goes the state and importance of the Black male figure — pertaining to masculinity, that is.

So, this is what’s going on now?

As you know, trends come and go. In the past, some guys have even gotten their natural nails painted with clear coat. Okay. “Understood.” It is what it is.


Actually, it’s so far, Black masculinity seems to be fading farther into the distance with each passing day.

Oh, you think this is an overreaction? Okay, check the video below for yourself.

WARNING: The following footage contains sensitive material. Viewer discretion is advised.

This video has garnered a lot of attention, laughs, scoffs, etc. — pretty much any emotion you could conjure up.

For instance, Bruce Freeman mentions as follows.

“This generation of so called MEN are becoming more and more feminine. I’m not homophobic. Not in the least. If you are gay so be it. But perpetrating as a man and you wearing lipstick, some sort of woman’s dress, and got your nails done like a woman. Ain’t no nothing manly about that.”

“Black men don’t do this!!” Roosevelt Hunt states in the video’s comment section. “They are always working on trying to feminize you as is. We need to be the back bone of our communities not the laughing stock!”

Similar to Bruce’s comment, Bobby Freeman also notes past trends such as skinny jeans, “little brother shirts,” and Tekashi69.

“Now n***az out here with nails… smh wtf going on out here??” Bobby asks.

Likewise, this didn’t necessarily set well with April Ross, one of the commentators of the video.

“My condolences to the nail tech who had to endure the pain and anguish of applying a inch long full set on a fully grown man who’s facial hair is on fleek, manly attire, and a 80’s size chain on that says ‘THE G GENERAL.’ If her walls could talk you would have heard them laughing from where your standing, from her facial expression the exact moment when she realized that he was serious as hell about getting those nails. Welp one less black man fighting in the streets. As much pride as he takes in those nails, baby he is not breaking a nail for Jesus, let alone anyone else. #BlackLivesMatter!”

As aforementioned — from the perspective of Nicole Dennis — there are plenty of men who get manicures.

Yes. This is true. There’s nothing wrong with men taking care of themselves, whether manicure or pedicure.

However, when they’re slapping a full set — with paint — on their fingers, it’s over.

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