Here’s How Denzel Washington Caused Man To Lose Massive Weight

Posted On : 07/14/2017

Martin Austin

It’s All About Choices

It’s a hard task for people to change and some definitely have given in, to the notion that its impossible to change some things in their lives. But sometimes the impossible just may turn out to be possible. As reported on Blackdoctor, Martin Austin, was no different than anyone else when dealing with change. Until one day, something changed. Austin decided to change his attitude and his desire to help others.

Reportedly, Austin decided he would lose weight and share his journey with others on social media. He shared his work-out, diet and the past that landed him where he was, in hopes of being an inspiration to others.  Austin’s life change was able to be accomplished by making a decision and sticking to it:

“I was tired of being sick and tired of not being my best self,” admitted Austin to “Over a two-year period, I quit a job that I loved because I was no longer able to physically keep up with the demands of it. In order to make my life meaningful I needed to make a number of major changes – and weight was one.”

Martin Austin

Goals Require Movement

The funny thing is messages will come to us in many different forms, Martin Austin’s message came in the form of Denzel Washington:

“The moment of realization came to me when I was watching a motivational video of Denzel Washington where he said, ‘Dreams without goals remain just dreams. And they ultimately fuel disappointment. Goals on the road to achievement cannot be achieved without discipline and consistency.’”

“I admitted to myself then and there that I’d never made a full-hearted attempt at getting healthy and knew I owed it to myself to try. Being scared of failure was no longer an excuse; it was time to set a goal and put together a plan to achieve it.”

Many people of color (in my opinion), were not raised with the knowledge needed to live a healthy lifestyle. We ate what we wanted and how much we wanted, without so much as lifting a finger to burn some of those calories off. But the good news is, more and more people of color are losing weight and getting in shape. Thanks to people like Austin Martin, who is willing to put themselves front and center, to help others down a struggled path:

“I remember saving weight loss before and after pictures of people who had gone through their transformation in my phone to continue to build my faith and to encourage me to keep going along the way. Now I pray that people can do the same with my before and after pictures and find faith and encouragement especially on rough days or when they want to give up!”

Martin Austin after losing 293 pounds.

The Proof Is In The Pictures

All it takes is a decision and desire to change what you don’t like. If you get off track doesn’t mean you failed, it means you have to get up, brush yourself off and get back at it. This is what Austin had to say about getting off track as posted by the source:

“I generally center my meals around a lean protein and a lot of veggies or some fruits. While I am not always adventurous with my eating, I do like to try different fruit and veggie smoothies. I still enjoy a cheat meal (or a cheat day) sometimes, but when I overindulge I don’t beat myself up, I just immediately get back on track.

What an inspiring story. He’s surely living his God-given life now.

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