[Opinion] Black Man ‘Proudly’ Waves Confederate Flag During Dolly Parton Parade

Posted On : 05/19/2017

What kind of EPIC SIZED coonery is this?? Here’s a Black man spearheading the 32nd annual Dolly Parton homecoming parade, and he’s “proudly” waving the Confederate flag.

[Video found below.]

PIGEON FORGE, TENNESSEE — This is embarrassing. This is a monumental atrocity to the Black community. This is Grand Wizard level coonery.

He’s out there hooting and hollering with a stereotypical portrayal of how the Confederate saw Blacks.

Via the latter YouTube video in this report, one commentator — Matthew McCollum — states as follows.

“This is the kind of black folk I like. not these modern day wannabe thugs walking around sagging their pants, etc.”

…. ….. ……..

Dishonor in ‘honor’…

VladTV reports as follows.

“As the gentleman, dressed in the uniform of the Confederate soldier, travels along the route, the video picks up the voices of townspeople thanking him for his service. The person shooting the footage is heard asking that folks call New Orleans and request that they cease taking down historical Confederate monuments.”

The source says that, while Dolly Parton hasn’t shown herself to be an advocate of the Confederacy, many around her show it openly.

And, as can be heard from the video on May 5, this stands true for many in attendance.

You have to be a different kind of “brainwashed” to find honor in flying, swinging, or even possessing a Confederate flag — ESPECIALLY if you’re Black.

‘But, the Civil War was about money’…

Of course, it was about money. And, guess who was the currency at the time.


Slaves drove the economy of the South. Imagine if you were able to build your company from the ground-up and run it for absolutely FREE centuries!

Then, all of a sudden, someone comes along and says, “Hey…you have to let these people go and hire new people with pay.”

Sure … the Civil War was about “money.” Slave money. Slave commodities.

And here’s this old relic out in front doing his ancestors an incredible disservice and injustice.

Smh. And he’s not the only one…

‘But, Blacks fought in the Civil War’…

His ancestors didn’t have a choice but to ironically fight for their own enslavement. Most slaves who fought in the American Civil War were forced, just like drafts happened during Vietnam.

Either slaves would put on the uniform and fight, or they’d be tortured to no end — as if that wasn’t already happening.

Too, those Blacks who willingly joined the fight — if they weren’t using it as a method to switch sides and escape the Confederacy — were super cooning with a cape anyway.

So, there is completely ZERO respect, honor, or legacy for the Confederate flag among the Black community.

The audacity… …

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[Featured Photo via YouTube]

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