Black Excellence! Beautiful Black Family Photo Of Doctors Goes Viral

Posted On : 02/26/2018

Dr. Lawrence Uradu wanted to share something positive on social media. On his Instagram page, Dr. Lawrence decided to share an inspiring photo of his mother, siblings, and himself all wearing their white coats. By sharing the photos of himself and his family members, Dr. Lawrence Uradu shared that he hopes to inspire the younger generation to achieve their educational goals. Additionally, there is often negative images of African-Americans shared and he wanted to combat those images with some positivity.

On his page, Dr, Lawrence shared that as he was growing up, his mother and father inspired him along with his siblings because they were hard workers. While it’s unclear where Lawrence’s father is or if he too has a career in medicine, Dr. Lawrence shared that his mother is a doctor with a family practice. Dr. Lawrence Uradu is a radiologist currently completing his Abdominal Imaging fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. In the photo, his brother is in his first year of medical school and Dr. Lawrence shared how proud he was of his brother. It appears that he has 3 sisters that are also in the medical field. The sister pictured in the photo is a family nurse practitioner. Dr. Lawrence also revealed that one of his two sisters, who were not pictured,  is a cardiologist and the other is in her third year of medical school. Talk about inspiring!

The women in the Uradu family are not only beautiful but they are hardworking, intelligent, and ambitious women. Not only is Dr. Lawrence related to women in medicine but he is married to a doctor as well. His wife is a pediatric resident at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. They recently had a son and it is no doubt that their son will be great. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he became a doctor as well.

For the Christmas season, the Nigerian doctor along with his family members took the time to offer their medical services in the community for free by giving the gift of health. Believing that you should never forget your roots, Dr. Lawrence and his family traveled to their village in Nigeria, Africa to provide medical care for people in need.

The photos that Dr. Lawrence Uradu has shared is empowering for young black men and women to see that being a  doctor is  achievable if they have the talent, will, and passion to succeed.

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