University Strips Bill Cosby Of Honorary Degree, But Here’s The Bigger Picture

Posted On : 06/26/2017

Even though Bill Cosby is innocent until proven guilty — and hasn’t been found “guilty” at all — he continues to endure character assassination everywhere.

COLUMBIA, MISSOURI — This is just another university on the long list of schools who have revoked their honorary doctorate degrees from Bill Cosby since the sexual assault allegations began.

According to Fox 2 – St. Louis, the University of Missouri voted, on June 23, to revoke Dr. Cosby’s honorary credentials.

Fox 2 reports that this is the first time, ever, the university has revoked an honorary degree.

The source notes as follows.

“The university said at least 25 other colleges and universities across the country have withdrawn honorary degrees and honors from Cosby since the sexual assault accusations became public.”

This immediate urge to pull Cosby’s degree comes from University system President Mun Choi.

According to Choi, they’re making this particular decision based on multiple women’s allegations that Cosby sexually assaulted them.

University system president Choi notes that Bill Cosby’s actions “do not reflect the university’s values.”

But, he hasn’t been proven guilty yet. How are they his actions?

**Writer’s Thoughts**

Even though Cosby has NOT been found guilty, I suppose they figure this is the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon, right?

At this point, the only thing Bill Cosby has done is be accused.

Heck, I can be accused of anything on any day. It doesn’t mean I did it.

And, if I’ve got money from which people are trying to catch a payday, best believe there’d be people I don’t even know coming out the woodworks to accuse me as well.

Don’t get me wrong. Sexual assault is no joking matter. Not at all.

However, IF they really had something on Bill Cosby and wanted to put him away, trust, he would be gone by now.

Obviously, the case keeps falling apart for a reason. Yet, they keep retrying Cosby in an unrelenting effort to take him down.

There’s a reason they want to tear apart the Cosby legacy — the influential image of a successful Black man and father.

All ethnicities in America have been influenced by “The Cosby Show,” even racists whites.

The Cosby family image wasn’t that of a “struggling Black family.” It was a well-to-do family with intelligent, well-behaved children who also were friends with other well-behaved Black children.

Amerikkka doesn’t want that image of the Black family.

So, it’s trying to dismantle the essence of its depiction by its representative head…Dr. Bill Cosby.

You have to look pass the surface to see what’s really going on here with this case.

So far, in all the cases he’s been tried, Bill Cosby has either been found “not guilty” or the case has been declared a mistrial due to insufficient evidence.

On multiple occasions! Give it a rest already!

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