Beyoncé Prepared To Split Should Jay-Z Cheat Again

Posted On : 01/02/2018

UNITED STATES — Reportedly, Beyoncé has been on edge ever since Jay-Z admitted to infidelity. And Queen Bey is ready for Jay to walk, should he step out on their marriage again.

According to Life & Style, Jay-Z actually admitted in a November interview with New York Times style magazine, T, that he had infidelity issues.

Well, reportedly, insiders thought his honesty regarding cheating would be good therapy for his marriage. However, Beyoncé has taken it as her cue to prep, just in case he does it again.

An insider informs Life & Style as follows.

“Ever since Jay admitted to cheating, Beyoncé can’t stop thinking about it. Jay thought once he came clean, she would forgive him, but instead, it’s made things worse.”

If you’re interested in the full interview, it’s below. The topic starts around minute-marker 16:20.

WARNING: The following videos contain strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Accordingly, Beyoncé’s concerns heighten whenever Jay is away for an extended stretch, such as on his 4:44 Tour that endured through most of November and December.

The source continues as follows.

“Beyoncé was at home with three children while he was out touring, and she was living in constant fear that he would cheat again. Beyoncé and Jay had a short honeymoon phase where they came together for their twins. But that didn’t last. Beyoncé can’t seem to get past his cheating.”

Note: The song on which Jay-Z allegedly confessed his sins. “Family Feud.”

The source mentions that celebrity reputation expert Eric Schiffer exclusively spoke with In Touch Weekly after Jay-Z confirmed the rumors. Schiffer assured fans that Jay’s brand wouldn’t be damaged.

The reputation expert elaborates as follows.

“His brand is truth and authenticity. This is an admitted drug dealer. This is someone that raps about his drug game, that speaks about his life in vivid detail. For him to discuss the infidelity and even going to therapy is not a great danger to the brand.”

All in all, it’s definitely admirable that Jay is trying to correct his wrongs and give Beyoncé the respect she deserves. I mean, this is Queen Bey we’re talking about here.

It’s an unfortunate situation women — especially Black women — find themselves in, today, regarding commitment. Beyoncé is LITERALLY the most powerful, recognized Black female musician in the world.

And she’s gotten cheated on??

Hopefully, Jay’s and Bey’s marriage will continue flourishing as much as their careers. Yet, if not, maybe it’s “everything he owns in the box to the left“?

You must not know ’bout Bey…you must not know ’bout Bey.

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