Beyoncé, Jay Z Shut Down The ACTUAL Louvre For Music Video — That’s ‘Mona Lisa’ Money

Posted On : 06/16/2018

THE LOUVRE, PARIS, FRANCE — Beyoncé and Jay Z just let it be known that they’re far more successful than you might have imagined. Here’s the type of clout they have in the world. Check this out.

How rich do you have to be to buy out the Louvre — AND run a full-scale production in its facilities and on its premises? Don’t answer; it’s a trick question.

The answer is “Ape s**t” rich, as can be seen from the Carters’ new song… “ApeS**t.”

If you’re interested in the video, check it out for yourself below. It’s breathtaking.

If the video wasn’t symbolic enough for you, the Louvre happens to possess some of the most iconic pieces of art known to man. And their end scene in front of the Mona Lisa?

Well, it’s only fitting that the most iconic couple in entertainment stand in view of the most iconic, world-renown art piece.

As Bey said in the song’s hook… they’ve made it.

The New York Times reports the Carters’ album release as follows.

“With no advanced warning or promotion beyond their ability to grab international headlines with every move, popular culture’s first couple — billed here as The Carters — released its long-rumored and teased collaborative album on Saturday evening following a concert in London. In what has become something of a familiar ritual, the sudden release immediately sent fans and the industry into a tizzy.”

The source states that “Everything Is Love” is a nine-track joint release from the couple, and it’s only available via their streaming service Tidal. Reportedly, it became available around 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 16.

NOTE: This is what a power move looks like! The source says Apple Music and Spotify declined to comment on the availability of the album via their platforms. That means, all revenue stays in-house with Queen Bey and Jay-Z. And this is a wildly-anticipated album release, so you know it’s about to do major numbers.


Since their sudden album release, along with the release of various music videos, all of Twitter is going “ape s**t,” as nearly all top-trending topics are of Beyoncé and Jay Z.

One Twitter user, Beysus, makes an incredibly interesting point.

“The Carters genuinely give absolutely zero f**ks. This is an album of them just gassing each other up, telling each and every hater & doubter that they couldn’t care less, they’re rich, have a beautiful family, and have rebuilt their love into something so incredible. I can’t.”

And honestly, she’s right.

Too, many state that Blue Ivy was simply a decoy last month in order to distract paparazzi while in Paris.

According to Billboard, Blue supposedly “busted” her grandma — Tina Knowles — at a ballet recital. It was covered by a swarm of media.

Now, if that’s true, it’s definitely a “checkmate” type of strategy on Bey and Jay’s part. Basically letting media know: “This is chess; not checkers.”

All in all, let us know your thoughts about this iconic masterpiece of a couple. If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

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[Featured Photo via Twitter]

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