Terrence J Allegedly Crashed Luxury Car & Many Wonder Who Was Riding Shotgun

Posted On : 10/10/2018

According to TMZ, BET host and Think Like a Man star Terrence J, was allegedly involved in a car accident. The 36 year-old actor wasn’t alone as witnesses have stated that his model girlfriend, Jasmine Sanders, was in the car. Now, police officers are trying to figure out who was driving the $200,000 vehicle.

BET Host Terrence J’s Car Involved In An Alleged Hit-And-Run:

Terrence J, born Terrence Jenkins, was reportedly in the car with his model girlfriend, 27-year-old Jasmine Sanders when an accident occurred. Now, it’s still unclear who was driving Terrence’s $200,000 black McLaren. However, PEOPLE Magazine shared that the luxury vehicle slammed into a parking meter early Tuesday morning in Studio City, California and slid until it struck a tree. After the accident occurred, Terrence J and Sanders allegedly fled the scene.

Witnesses stated that Sanders was driving, but she claims that she was not in the car. A representative for Sanders released a statement to PEOPLE magazine.

“On behalf of our client, Jasmine Sanders, I would like to clarify that Ms. Sanders was not in the vehicle at the time of this morning’s accident and was in no way involved,” the rep told PEOPLE.

So if Jasmine is claiming that she wasn’t the driver, who was the woman that was allegedly in the car? What we do know, is that the car is registered to Jenkins, according to Valley Traffic Division. Additionally,  Jenkins posted a video on Instagram of a car similar to the totaled one with the following caption:

“Dark Knight flo”

The video then shows the McLaren entering a garage, purring softly with the headlights flashing and music playing.


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Dark knight flo💨 @samsungmobileusa #withgalaxy

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It looks like the dark knight will be walking, as the car is totaled. Photos of the accident show the car crushed, with the front windshield shattered and the bumper torn to pieces.

Police Officers Are Conducting An Investigation:

Valley Traffic Division confirmed to PEOPLE it is investigating a hit and run which occurred at 2:30 a.m. in Studio City, and the vehicle involved was a McLaren.

“The driver and passenger fled the scene after they crashed into a parking meter and a business,” they said. “There is no further information available at this time.”

According to The Blast, police officers received a call Tuesday morning to report a McLaren sports car crashed and came to rest at a tree on Ventura Blvd. The car also damaged a water line near a business and needed to have the water shut off. Instead of remaining and calling the police, the driver and the passenger dipped. According to witnesses, cops were looking for a black male wearing a red sweater and a female wearing a blue jumpsuit.

Fans Of Jasmine Send Her Support As They Believe Terrence Is Cheating:

Referred to as the “golden barbie,” Sanders claims that she was not with Terrence J. when he reportedly crashed his car. Now, her followers are flooding her Instagram page with messages of support as they believe that Terrence J was cheating.

Here’s What Some Of Her Followers Had To Say:

Siiiis he tried it. Smh. A n**ga will be a n**ga. His loss periodt.🙄

It was a side b***h. Not her. She already made the statement. Catch up.

So I guess y’all not together no more

Leave her alone she wasn’t even in the car. Terrence *ss was creeping

It’s hard to believe that he was cheating. I mean they’re best friends! What are your thoughts? Did Terrence J get caught up with the side chick?

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