Beautiful: Dwayne Wade Gives Waffle House Hero Major Surprise That’ll Make You Cry Happy Tears

Posted On : 05/02/2018

If there’s one thing we dig about talk show host, Ellen Degeneres, it’s her caring heart and the fact that she’s always out here making us cry happy tears, by making folks’ dreams come true. Okay, that was like three things we dig about Ellen, but y’all get the point. Anyways, for the brave Waffle House hero, James Shaw Jr. (29), Ellen has teamed up with NBA legend, Dwayne Wade (36), and made yet another dream come true…for James. Check out what just happened during James’ Wednesday morning visit to “The Ellen Degeneres” show…

Waffle House Hero, James Shaw Jr. on “The Ellen Degeneres Show”

Waffle House Hero Tells What Happened During Shooting

The life of James Shaw Jr. has been a bit of a whirlwind and emotional roller coaster ever since that tragic night on April 22, 2018. That was the night his life changed forever. We all have heard by now, how murderer, Travis Reinking (29), shot and killed four people inside a Nashville, TN Waffle House on April 22nd. Fortunately, James was brave enough to attack Travis and wrestle the semi-automatic AR-15 shotgun away from Travis, saving many other lives in the process.

On Tuesday, May 2, 2018, James appeared on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” to tell, in detail, what happened that night and what was going through his mind as the tragedy unfolded.

Watch Dwayne Wade Surprise James Shaw Jr.

As he recalled the painful memory of the shooting, he displayed so much poise and a steady calmness about himself that made him seem wise beyond his 29 years. So much so, that Ellen stated during one of their commercial breaks, that she’d asked James how he remains as collected as he is. James attributed his calm demeanor to his love of playing basketball and how he’s accustomed to having to remain level headed during the most intense moments of the game.

Ellen then asked who his favorite NBA player was and James replied, Dwayne Wade. And as we already know, Ellen did what she does best- lo and behold, guess who stepped out from behind the curtains? D-Wade himself and James was shocked as hell!

As if that wasn’t enough of a surprise for James Shaw Jr. not only did Ellen and Shutterfly surprise him with $20,000.00 donation to add to his personal GoFundMe account, but D-Wade had another monetary surprise for the brotha, but not before he paid major respect to James for his heroism, which also clearly took James by surprise:

“When you get an opportunity to sit across from someone and say, ‘What would you say to them?’…I know you don’t wanna be called a ‘hero,’ but I look at you as an American hero,” Dwyane Wade told James Shaw Jr.. He continued, “I would always sit across from you as I am now, and I will say, obviously how brave you are. But for me when I sit down with my kids, and I sit down and talk to them about role models, who I want them to look up to…I’d tell them to go look up James Shaw Jr.”

Needless to say, James was blown away when he heard his role model, Dwyane Wade -whom James says he looks up to for how he carries himself off the court- tell him that HE is a role model for his kids. All James could say in response, was “Wow!” and although he maintained his cool during that bombshell of a revelation D-Wade dropped on him, his reaction was still priceless.

After showin’ love to James for his heroism, D-Wade presented him with the $20,000.00 check to add to his personal GoFundMe campaign. In case you missed our previous report, following the Waffle House shooting, James immediately started a GoFundMe fundraiser to raise money for the funerals of the victims, without asking for a dime in return. Just 12 hours after James started the funeral fund, a New York journalist named, Yashar Ali, started a GoFundMe for James:

To date (May 2, 2018), strangers have donated $213,042.00 to James’ personal GoFundMe and James has also raised $218,553.00 for the families of the victims.

Also to date, Donald Trump has said NOTHING to publicly commend James Shaw Jr. for his bravery. But who gives a damn?

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