Transit Police Hold Man In Wheelchair At Gunpoint, Excessive Force On The Wrong Person

Posted On : 09/24/2017

EL CERRITO, CALIFORNIA — It seems that this particular state has a real issue with police brutality and excessive force. They really considered this man a threat??

For a while, people have been protesting the disarmament of Bay Area Rapid Transit (B.A.R.T.) police.

According to multiple transit commuters, the police have a reputation for using excessive force.

Transit Police Hold Man In Wheelchair At Gunpoint, Wrong Person IV
According to the cameraman and other witnesses, the guy in the wheelchair is the victim, yet is treated as the suspect.

This can clearly be seen in a recently uploaded video by Louis Hennings.

‘F**K YOU!’

According to Hennings, BART police accosted the wrong man.

Once Hennings’ video starts, you witness a Black officer yelling commands for a man’s hands to be raised.

Transit Police Hold Man In Wheelchair At Gunpoint, Wrong Person I
BART police officer holding disabled man at gunpoint.

However, that man just happened to be in a wheelchair.

Certainly, a disabled man could pose a threat if one would have a weapon in possession. Yet, that wasn’t the case this time around, but BART police weren’t trying to hear what witnesses were saying.

While coming to the man’s aide, Hennings claims that a man committed somewhat of a hit-and-run on a bicycle.

The cyclist bumped into the Black guy in the wheelchair. And, after the guy expected some form of “excuse me,” the white cyclist allegedly replied “f**k you!” and kept it moving.


Now… …t’s unknown who would report such a falsehood. Nevertheless, once BART police arrived on-scene, they were already on “Level 1,000.”

With a gun to the alleged victim’s face, officers commanded him to place both hands in the air. And, it only continued to go downhill from there.

According to one of the officers, allegedly someone reported that there was a gun in the disabled man’s possession.

Check out the video footage below.

Via Facebook, Mike Baussan responded to the video as follows.

“This is a perfect example of why these cops need psychiatric evaluation before even being put through the program. Clearly this ‘Black Cop’ is scared of his own people. No one is violent or has a weapon out. So why did he find the need to pull out a gun on these black kids especially one in a wheelchair? What threat did they pose?”

And, that’s a great question. If he didn’t see a gun, where was the threat?

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