Aunt And Nephew Win $1.2 Million Lotto Together — Now She’s Suing For His Half

Posted On : 07/15/2018

NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA — As the saying goes, money doesn’t change you. It only reveals you. Now, unfortunately, this nephew can definitely see his aunt’s true self.

According to CTV News, Barb Reddick and her nephew — Tyrone MacInnis — smiled big during their conference as they both held an over-sized check for $1.2 million.

The source states the “duo” played Nova Scotia’s Chase the Ace game which long-running. Their smiles were big and bright.


CTV News reports that, when organizers handed Barb and Tyrone their separate checks — each for just over $600,000, the aunt’s smile completely disappeared.

You see, Barb’s and Tyrone’s names were on the winning ticket, so organizers split the winnings in half and gave each their portion, $611,319.50, according to the source.

“I’m taking him to court!” Reddick shouted after the press conference was finished. “I’m getting my lawyer tomorrow.”

Yet, lottery officials are standing by their decision. But, Barb says her nephew doesn’t deserve a thing.

But get this…

The woman put Tyrone’s name on the ticket for “good luck” but never intended to split the $1.2 million winnings with him.

NOTE: Anyone with legal sense knows she doesn’t have a case. It doesn’t matter the intention. What matters is whose name is on the ticket. That’s clearly stated on the back, right?

Nevertheless, Barb said she only planned to split the consolation prize from the 50-50 draw, a stage that happens before the Chase the Ace jackpot. Moreover, the source states it’s “significantly smaller” in value.

“I said ‘split’ with the 50/50 (draw), not with no Chase the Ace,” Barb told the source.

But regardless, even if that were the case, his name’s listed as co-owner of the winning ticket. So, they divided it down the middle.

According to the source, Tyrone bought the ticket on Monday, July 8. However, the source also reports that Barb’s name appeared beside the “name” line, and Tyrone’s name came below that, next to the “address” line.

Likewise, his phone number was listed at the bottom of the ticket.


“He is like a son to me,” Barb expressed. “He was.”

Chase the Ace organizer Bernice Curley said she’s disappointed by the way this situation is ending.

“I can’t really explain it. I didn’t expect anything like that to happen. I just came to deliver the [checks] and present them to the winners.”

And as aforementioned, the game’s officials remain confident that they made the right move.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

The source reports that earlier this year, another woman sued her former common-law partner over a $6 million lottery prize.

Reportedly, she fought for approximately $3 million and an additional $500,000 for “aggravated damages.”

If you’re interested in local news coverage of this story, watch the video below.

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