Atlanta Man Arrested 70 Times

Posted On : 03/12/2019

According to WBSTV in Atlanta, GA. One man has been arrested 70 times in Atlanta. One man. Seventy arrests. Way to go. Is there a record for this? Who’s keeping count? This repeat offender is back in jail again for stealing a stolen car that had the engine running in front of an Atlanta dry cleaner business. Easy work for Eddie.

There is no word if he has had any help to rack up 70 convictions. Nor is there any word on if he is the “all-time” leader for most arrests. Eddie has had a diverse conviction record ranging to armed robbery to aggravated assault.

Somebody Stop Eddie

Residents of Atlanta have been in an uproar with the recent spike in crime and many blame it on the local Judicial System and the scarcity of police. Courts have been too easy with repeat offenders allowing them to commit crime after crime with no severe punishment.

Police also say that Christopher Bellamy who broke into an apartment recently is no stranger to being arrested either. He has been arrested 35 times. Way to go Christopher but Eddie has you beat by a long shot.

Fulton County District Attorney, Paul Howard who said that he has constantly pleaded with Judges to stop allowing criminals to walk so easily. Howard sent a letter to local judges that asks for changes that prohibit judges from issuing bond for six or more offenses from armed robbery to home invasion to stalking.

Howard has also said that he is working on having stiffer release procedures especially for violent criminals.

This arrest was the 70th time Atlanta police have arrested Brantley. His first arrest was in June 1990. His charges over the years have included 13 for theft, 18 for drug violations, 19 for probation parole violations, 10 for battery and 31 for others, including armed robbery.

Here’s the breakdown of arrests for Brantley dating back to June 1990;

Theft 13

Drug violations 18

Probation parole violations 19

Battery 10

Miscellaneous including armed robbery 31

Check out all of these mugshots.

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