Updated: Angry Gun-Toting White Man Threatens Black Florida Students For Ridiculous Reason

Posted On : 09/12/2018


Days ago, Tallahassee Police informed the public they were “thoroughly” investigating the situation with Don Crandall.

Generally, an “investigation” notes a lengthy waiting period.

Well, during the wait, one of our journalists reached out to the department for a statement and they responded this morning.

According to Tallahassee PD, they completed the investigation on September 12 and submitted the results to the State Attorney’s Office, who will determine whether to press charges against Crandall or not.

So unfortunately, it seems like another waiting game. But hopefully the end will render justice served.


He didn’t even live there, yet he felt he had the right to threaten them.

A man identified as Don Crandall terrified a group of black students; who were simply waiting for a friend to let them into his college apartment block.

The now viral video posted on Twitter, shows the middle-aged white man blocking a group of black Florida A&M University students from entering Stadium Center student accommodation.

The incident took place in Tallahassee last Saturday where Crandall confronted the young men with a gun. 

“We Are Sick Of The Discrimination”

Isaiah Butterfield, filmed the incident and can be heard trying to reason with Crandall.

“Find another elevator, you can’t get in this one,” an armed Crandall says as he blocks their way into the building.

“Why not? Do you own the building?” the black students asked. 

“Because you don’t belong in this building,” he replied, before adding, “You ain’t got a key for the building, you don’t belong in the elevator.”

Sharing the disturbing video on Twitter, Butterfield wrote alongside the tweet. “We are sick of the discrimination.” 

“Never thought I’d have a personal experience with racism like this, this man pulled a gun on us because we were walking up to my friends apartment w/o a key.”

He Has Been Fired From His Job

After the video caused outrage online, Crandall who was the manager of a local hotel Baymont by Wyndham, was fired.

A spokesperson for Stadium Center also confirmed that Crandall did not live in the apartment block where he threatened the students.

Meanwhile, Butterfield is still reeling over the unfortunate episode. He told ABC News he believed Crandall had been trying to “provoke” so he could shoot them. “Once we found out he had the gun, it turned into a whole different situation,” Butterfield said.

“We really think he was trying to provoke us to the point where it got violent so he could retaliate with the gun. I knew that if this dude even feels threatened, he’s going to find any excuse to pull the trigger.”

The matter is now being investigated by Tallahassee police.

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