Andrew Caldwell Starts Beef With ‘Cussing Pastor’ Thaddeus Matthews — Biggest Mistake Ever

Posted On : 06/11/2018

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE — Andrew “I’m not gay no more” Caldwell has taken to Facebook to protest Thaddeus Matthews, “the cussing pastor.” However, Matthews’ response might cut deep.

If you don’t know Andrew Caldwell, he became quite famous via Internet due to his appearance at a 2014 Church of God in Christ (C.O.G.I.C.) conference.

While at the alter, Caldwell gave testimony that he’d been “delivert” from homosexuality.

NOTE: In case you hadn’t seen that clip in its entirety, it’s located below.

Well, now that you know “Andrew Caldwell,” here’s what he recently said about Matthews.


According to Caldwell, he had something important to say about Thaddeus Matthews, “that cussing pastor…that’s twirling around on Facebook.”

“I’ve got a word for your today, BROTHA! …I’ve got a word on tonight, for that brother…that ROACH that’s twirling around on Facebook with that ‘cursing spirit’.”

To hear the rest, check the video for yourself.

However, he didn’t exactly receive the public response he may have expected. Instead, he was met with a barrage of insults and negative feedback.

For instance, Danielle J. Taylor had plenty of questions for Caldwell.

“Who is WE? Why would WE wanna lay hands on Satan? What is a jingle bell spirit? Did HE just say someone was TWIRLING on Facebook? WHY did he call him a roach?”

All logical questions, indeed.

“How he casting out spirits forgetting to cast out that sweetness lol!!!” Rob Crayton mentions.

Likewise, given the nature of Matthews’ mouth, you’d wonder what would possess Caldwell to go after him — especially considering the potential backlash.

Nevertheless, the most common comment from viewers seemed to align with, “Thaddeus is about to drag you.”

And drag, he did…

In the following video, Matthews lays down a few words for Caldwell. And, they’re quite effective.

“I don’t have but 60 seconds, but let me address Andrew Caldwell…you have not been ‘delivert’. You’re still the same d**k-in-the-a**, mouth-full-of-c**k, sweating, flaming homosexual that you’ve always been. For some reason, you want to bring me into your madness. You want to talk about you speaking in tongues…I’m not the motherf**ker that you want to f**k with. But if you decide that you do, then let’s do it.”

“Your family said that you are insane; that you are crazy…that you’ve always been this way,” Matthews elaborates. “I interviewed your family members years ago, and I’m going to dig back today, find that interview, and put it up on my church website.”

In the interview Matthews mentioned, he also interviewed alleged family member “Latrice,” who claimed to be Caldwell’s aunt.

“I finally looked at the video, and said ‘This lil’ boy is lying!'” the aunt mentioned to Matthews during their talk.

According to the aunt, we didn’t see the whole video prior to his testimony. She says the church basically paid him.

If you’re interested in their interview, it’s located below.

He calls Caldwell nothing but a “show” for C.O.G.I.C. — essentially, their “video vixen.”

The situation only boosted acclaim for Matthews, as potential members asked about his church location.

For instance, Nicole Hammock stated:

“Where is this new church that I’ll be attending? I’m in search of a word from the pastor! I like his delivery! #StraightForward 😂😂😭😭😭”


Now, Caldwell is trying to prove he’s been “delivert” by inserting a female presence onto his page.

To this, Tekoa Devres mentions as follows.

“Honestly you don’t have to prove anything to us. It’s clear that you are not in a relationship with this woman. You’re probably besties but dating, no sir! Just stop it, you are who you are. So you didn’t get delivered from liking guys but maybe something else. Be grateful for that and stand in your truth. You already have our attention, just be yourself twinkle toes. We kinda like you..😍😍🤷🤷🤷”

And judging by the following video, one might say Tekoa is on the money.

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