Amerikkka Calls ‘Black Panther’ Trailer ‘Too Militant’, But Here’s The Tea They Didn’t Want

Posted On : 06/13/2017

Funny how “European culture” is allowed to showcase its strength via barbaric portrayals throughout America. But, royalty in Black Panther? “Too militant”?

UNITED STATES OF AMERIKKKA — I guess Blacks are only supposed to participate typical Amerikkkan-approved Black movies. You know, either something during slavery-era or something depicting severe dysfunction in the Black family.

Nah, not this time. This particular film showcases the power of an African dynasty — regardless of its fictional location.

Black Panther‘s trailer hasn’t even been out a full week, and Amerikkka feels threatened — saying it’s “too black” because there aren’t enough whites in the film.

‘Dear White People’…

Generally, who cares. However, just so you’re in “the know,” essentially they’re saying T’Challa’s portrayal is “too militant.”

Specifically, “white Twitter” complains that Black Panther‘s new poster of T’Challa is too reminiscent of Huey P. Newton and his “too militant” Black Panther Party.

But — similar to their voluntary misunderstanding of Black Lives Matter — apparently, all white folks saw regarding the Black Panther Party were Black men and women with guns, who weren’t taking s**t from racist white folk or corrupt police officers.

Better known as “white fragility,” as Grio puts it.

But, let’s talk ‘too white and militant’ movies…

Several of Marvel’s movies could be deemed “militant” while showing the image of a powerful white figurehead as the hero. Actually, all of Marvel’s movies show this image — minus Black Panther.

Even outside of Marvel, that’s generally always the case. Wasn’t Matt Damon portrayed as the savior figurehead in “The Great Wall”?

Last time I checked, the “Caucasian Dynasty” didn’t have a part in China’s legacy.

According to History, its past flows as follows.

“Originally conceived by Emperor Qin Shi Huang (c. 259-210 B.C.) in the third century B.C. as a means of preventing incursions from barbarian nomads into the Chinese Empire.”

Now, unless Matt Damon played a part as a spy-infiltrated “barbarian nomad,” there was no need for him to be in the movie, right?

Well, likewise…

Time there’s a Black and powerful figure in the mix, there’s immediate protest from racists. The movie’s “too Black,” they cry.

I don’t get you, America. Or should I say, Amerikkka? You’re like the “liberal racists” shown in Jordan Peele’s Get Out.

All of a sudden, why is this particular Marvel movie “too militant”? Did you expect Black Panther to be more “European”?

Did you prefer the fictional country of Wakanda to be “modified” like South Africa? You know, with an apartheid history.


Miss Me With That Bulls--t
Y’all can take your ‘too militant’ complaints elsewhere, until you tackle the issue of ‘too militant’ whites, the KKK, the ‘alt-right’, Nazism, white supremacy, Aryan brotherhood, and all the rest that you seem to continue ignoring.

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