Professor Turns American Flags Into KKK Hoods — Calls Out Those Masking Racism Behind ‘Patriotism’

Posted On : 11/09/2017

MIAMI, FLORIDA — An arts professor is currently under fire for making a boldly accurate statement via an American flag project. And, she has a clear message for those of whom it applies.

The professor’s name is Billie Grace Lynn of the University of Miami. She’s calling the work “American Mask.”


Lynn’s project is on exhibition at the campus’ Wynwood Building as part of the university’s annual faculty art show, as mentions gallery director Milly Cardoso. The display will be available for viewing until November 12.

According to Miami New Times, Lynn says bigotry and racism are hiding behind the national flag under the guise of “patriotism.”

If there was ever a time to show this work, it’s now,” says Lynn.

As you can see from the photos, multiple American flags are shaped like KKK hoods, all with the eye areas burnt out — showing an actual darkness that lies behind them. Even the poles’ bases are shaped like Nazi swastikas.

She tells the source that she’s actually from Louisiana, and there’s a strong Ku Klux Klan presence there. “I’m from a place where these folks live,” she mentions.


Lynn told University of Miami News that it was very painful to cut the flag in such a manner.

According to the source, she mentioned as follows.

“It was very painful for me to cut the flag to make it into that shape. But I think that’s what’s happening, the country is in pain. I don’t want the American flag to be taken as a symbol for white supremacy, and I think that is what’s happening and that’s a dark path to go down.”

She’s says it’s unfortunate the flag has been placed between hatred and racism. Actually, the racist rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia was the cause of her creating this particular exhibit, as reports the source.

But, of course, Lynn has been met with tons of backlash regarding her artwork.

Many people say it’s “racist.”

Um…yes. It’s racist because it points out hidden racism under false patriotism. However, while backlash from “Amerikkka” is expected, there are others who also find it “disrespectful” and “disgusting.”


One Black employee of the same building, Patrick Young, saw the display and had this to say about it, according to WSVN-7 News.

“This is disgusting. This is disrespectful. I can’t see it being a positive message any way you put it…What can this actually help? Burning an American flag? I have no idea what this symbolizes, what this helps out. Who does this reach?”

Well, it’s intended to be a wake up call for the entire nation.

People who would generally not give the topic a passing glance find themselves offended by the artwork. So, it’s going to spark discussion.

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[Featured Photo via @HowardCohen / Twitter]

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