[Video] These Kids Open Their Mouths, America Instantly Falls In Love!

Posted On : 06/09/2017

Prepare to set this on “repeat” and have your heart amazed! Once these kids open their mouths, you’ll be like the rest of America. Check it out.

BURBANK, CALIFORNIA — They’re amazing! They’re fresh but with a soulful flare. These kids have wowed America with their rendition of The Temptation’s famous oldie, “My Girl.”

The footage aired on June 7 via competitive television show, “Little Big Shots.”

While several of the kids’ performances were great, the Johnson Family took home the spotlight.

Watch the video for yourself, below.


It’s almost unbelievable how natural and painless they delivered their vocals to the audience.

Each note belonged. Each harmony blended. Even the older sister’s runs didn’t overshadow her siblings backgrounds.

Everything just sounded like magic!

Even Steve Harvey had to make the “ugly face” — you know, the face you make when something sounds too good.

[Video] These Kids Open Their Mouths, America Instantly Falls In Love! - Steve Harvey
“Little Big Shots” host Steve Harvey grooving to the soulful sounds of the Johnson Family.
And, their father — Frank Johnson — couldn’t be more proud.

It seems that the family has been on this musical journey for a few years.

I mean, this should come as no surprise — given the developed nature of the kids’ vocals.

According to Frank’s Facebook, the kids have been taking trophies for half a decade.

[Video] These Kids Open Their Mouths, America Instantly Falls In Love! - Circa 2013
The Johnson Family kids, circa 2013.
Mr. Johnson notes that his oldest just turned 13 years of age this year. So, can you imagine the pipes they’re going to have as adult singers!?

[Kevin Hart voice] “It’s about to go down.”

When you have support…

Nevertheless, Frank Johnson has thanked everyone for their undying support throughout their journey.

“My Babies! God bless’em! We’d like to thank everybody for all their positive vibes. All the prayers, encouraging words and kind gestures have not gone unnoticed. We love you all.”

Even in 2015, David and Tamela Mann shared one of the kids’ videos. They added the following caption.

“We don’t know who these babies are, but their voices are AMAZING!!!!!”

Truer words have not been spoken.

‘But wait, there’s more!’…

These aren’t the only Johnson kids. There are more additions behind the camera.

Are they also developing their vocals in order to join the singing group.

Could we be looking at a new “Jackson 5” in the works? The “Johnson 5”?

[Video] These Kids Open Their Mouths, America Instantly Falls In Love! - The Johnson Family
The entire Johnson family.
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[Featured Photo via YouTube]

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