Mom Reports 2-Year-Old Missing After Wild Car Ride That Left Her Unconscious

Posted On : 09/03/2018
Photo of Jordan Belliveau
Jordan Belliveau. Photo via Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

LARGO, FLORIDA — Police are currently searching for a 2-year-old child, allegedly abducted by a stranger who offered him and his mother a ride.

UPDATE: September 5, 12:40 p.m.

Two-year-old Jordan Belliveau’s body has been found, and his mother is charged with first-degree murder. The Black Loop has all the current details here.


With authorities now considering a polygraph exam for the mother, ABC-6 News notes her son’s last-seen description as follows.

“Jordan was last seen wearing a blue shirt with ’72’ on the front, blue gym shorts with a black and white stripe, black socks, and black and white Nike sneakers, according to police. He also has a partially healed cut on the underside of his chin and a birthmark on the right side of his stomach.”

According to the source, on September 2, 2-year-old Jordan Belliveau and his mother — Charisse Stinson, 21 — were allegedly walking on East Bay Drive around 9:30 p.m.

Photo of Charisse Stinson
Charisse Stinson. Photo via Facebook.

The source doesn’t specify why the mother was walking with her toddler son at nearly 10 p.m. However, a man reportedly stopped to offer the two a ride.


According to Charisse, she wasn’t going to accept the ride at first. However, she said Jordan was “heavy,” so she agreed to get in with the stranger.

The mother said he identified himself only as “Antwan.”

Although the man appeared helpful in his gesture, according to the child’s mother, he became violent during the ride after they got into a heated argument. Eventually, he punched her in the face, causing her to lose consciousness.

By the time the mother woke from her injured state, according to Largo police, 4 hours had passed. At least, that’s what she told them during questioning.

At that time, she was no longer in the man’s reported white Toyota Camry. Instead, she awoke in a wooded area.

“All I remember is waking up in Largo park with my shorts down,” Charisse admits during an inbox conversation, “and I ran to the hotel across the street and next thing I know I’m waking up in the ambulance with a f**ked up face.”

Unfortunately, her son wasn’t with her.


On September 3rd, a reporter mentioned during a press conference with Major Stephen Slaughter that the mother contacted sources about this case. According to the reporter, she specifically said she never told officers she was unconscious for 4 hours. Slaughter appeared unknowledgeable regarding the reporter’s allegation.

Given an insurmountable degree of inconsistencies in her story, Largo police say they’re considering a polygraph exam for Charisse.


Concerned social media investigators (SMI) aren’t waiting around for the test — especially since they feel that should’ve been on the priority list.

These SMI’s have uncovered personal messages from the mother’s Facebook profile, as well as comments from various family members.

One commenter, Dee Black, claims to be related as Jordan’s cousin.

“Its crazy man my cousin been missing since friday cause we were droppin her off food around 2:40 right before i went to work and she said dcf got him.”

NOTE: “DCF” is the Department of Children and Families.

“Then later that night she said he had a seizure so i called the hospital to ask did…they had any records of him they said no,” Black continues.

Black also accused Charisse of telling someone else that Jordan’s head was “gushing out blood.”

“She never told us or his daddy that his head was bust,” Black states. And as commented, Slaughter also confirms that Jordan was last seen by other family members on Friday.

Also according to Black, Charisse has told authorities she may have traded “services” for her ride.

“She never told us she did oral sex for the ride but thats what she tellin police,” the alleged cousin mentions.

Furthermore, Black accuses Charisse of saying the following to Jordan’s dad:

“I got something for u ima make you hurt how i hurt.”

Too, given that Charisse mentioned she woke up with her shorts down, Black says authorities conducted a sexual assault exam on her and found no other DNA than her own. That’s when Black notes the story changed to “oral” only.

However, as can be seen from the mother’s messages, she denies knowing the alleged relatives who are coming forward regarding Jordan.


According to Major Slaughter, several teams are in the field using all resources to find Jordan. Reportedly, bloodied clothing was recovered from the apartment complex’s dumpster.

Andi Klein, allegedly one of the tenants, says police took the dumpster to the lab for forensics. Yet, other news sources state that authorities found bloodied clothes in her apartment unit as well.

Also, since K-9 units have been focused on a nearby pond, divers have been deployed into the waters.

There are previous reports of Jordan being domestically abused, allegedly including “black eyes” and “bruised ribs” as mentions Rosetta Wimberly.

During the aforementioned press conference, Slaughter also mentioned that there had been 6 previous domestic abuse calls to Charisse’s residence in the past.

And interestingly enough, as recovered from her inbox messages, Charisse states that she had recently gotten Jordan back from foster care, and she didn’t want to lose him again.


As it relates to the actual suspect, there’s very little information. Authorities describe the alleged driver — from Charisse’s description — as a 25-year-old Black male with brown locs, brown eyes, and gold teeth. At the time of the car ride, she says he was wearing a white tanktop and black, “And1” basketball shorts.

If you’re interested in the entire press conference’s coverage, check both raw and official footage below.

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[Featured Photo via Florida Department of Law Enforcement / Facebook]

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