Alabama Mom Outraged That Driver Left Her 5-Year-Old Son Alone On A Freezing School Bus All Day

Posted On : 01/23/2018

An Alabama mom wants the driver of her 5-year-old’s bus fired immediately. Tayanna McKenzie was notified around 3 p.m. on Monday that her little boy Messiah had been left alone on a freezing school bus all day long. He had originally boarded at roughly 8:40 a.m. on that frigid morning.

“I get to the school, I could tell that my child’s been traumatized,” McKenzie said according to KTRK News. “It’s been 14, 18 degrees this morning and my child was left on the school bus. The bus driver dropped him back off at the school once he picked up his route to drop off this afternoon.”

Jefferson County School officials have opened an internal investigation which includes reviewing footage from video cameras on the bus. The driver should have inspected the bus at the end of the first shift once all the students had been dropped off at Grantswood Community School. Deputy Superintendent Walter Gonsoulin wants to know why that didn’t happen.

Child left on freezing school bus
Messiah McKenzie was left on a school bus all day in freezing temperatures.

“I’m a parent myself. I know how it is and being an employee of Jefferson County, we take this very seriously,” Gonsoulin said. “The safety of our children. We want to find out exactly what happened. All of our drivers and employees are trained to walk throughout the bus to perform a safety check and that’s our expectation.”

While Jefferson County Schools have issued a statement condemning the driver’s actions and have since placed the individual on administrative leave, McKenzie said that the district hasn’t done enough. Her son could have suffered a serious injury or even death. McKenzie plans to take action.

“I want answers. Someone needs to be fired and we need to take it from there,” McKenzie said. “I’m not just going to let it stop here.”

Jefferson County Deputy Superintendent
Jefferson County Deputy Superintendent Walter Gonsoulin promises to act swiftly once the investigation concludes.

Gonsoulin said that the district will move swiftly to hold all responsible parties accountable. But all McKenzie can think about is the well-being of her son after being left alone in such severe weather conditions unable to fend for himself.

“He could have froze to death, anything,” McKenzie said as she teared up. “Just a lot going through my mind. He’s crying and calling my name. Just a lot going on.”

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