Akon Says US Government Stopped Him From Restoring Power To Puerto Rico

Posted On : 02/25/2018

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — Even though Puerto Rico…a U.S. territory…is in desperate need of help, the Trump administration still puts politics ahead of lives.

TMZ happened to catch up with Akon at LAX and asked him a few questions regarding his thoughts on Puerto Rico’s recovery.

According to the business mogul, his organization — Akon Lighting Africa — actually presented a plan to restore electricity to Puerto Rico in under 30 days.

Akon says his proposal was rejected.

It’s politics, propaganda, and special interests,” Akon says. “They didn’t care about the people. If that was the case, they would’ve allowed us to go in and just provide the solution. But, I think it was bigger than ‘numbers’ at that point.

TMZ reports that, as of this week, 83 percent of Puerto Rico’s power has been restored. Mind you, Hurricane Maria happened more than 4 months ago.

Akon says his organization could’ve had the job done in less than 30 days. And, they have the track record to prove their success.

The source reports that Akon has provided electricity to 14 African countries. Wholecountries.

Maybe if Puerto Ricans looked more like “Scandinavians,” the Trump administration would’ve been more inclined to deliver the territory’s residents from such a disastrous situation.

When asked about Trump’s take on “s**thole countries,” Akon responded as follows.

“With him [Donald Trump], you just never know. And, I mean, it’s hard because he’s the kind of person you really can’t answer for…but I know the average person is baffled by a lot of his comments. You know what I’m saying?”

All in all, what are your thoughts about the Trump administration’s alleged rejection of Akon’s relief plan for Puerto Rico? If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

[Featured Photo via @Newsweek / Twitter]

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