33-Yr-Old Mom Pressured Into Testifying Against Criminal Shot Dead Weeks Later

Posted On : 10/11/2018
Starkisha Thompson (Facebook)

Starkisha Thompson was a victim of a crime. The 33 year-old mother tried to do the right thing by testifying against her attacker. Sadly, it appears that Thompson’s efforts to be a good citizen resulted in her death.

Detroit Woman Murdered After Testifying In Carjacking Case:

Starkisha Thompson had just dropped her teenage son off at school when she returned to her home. Around 8:15 Tuesday morning, someone arrived at Starkisha’s home and ambushed her in her driveway. Police officers were called, but when they arrived, they found Starkisha motionless. She had been shot in the head and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Before her life was taken, Starkisha’s father shared with reporters that she had testified in a criminal case, as she had been the victim of a carjacking. Her father thinks it’s no coincidence that she is now dead.

Family Believes Victim Was Murdered To Silence Her:

Back in September, according to WXYZ News, Starkisha and her boyfriend had been carjacked at a Harper Woods BP gas station by 26-year-old Kenneth Carl Dixon. Dixon was no stranger to crime. Before reportedly carjacking Starkisha and her boyfriend, Dixon was released from prison after serving time for armed robbery. Harper Woods police located the vehicle in Detroit with Dixon in possession of the vehicle. He tried to run but officers caught him.

Kenneth Carl Dixon (Screenshot via Click On Detroit)

Via Click On Detroit:

Given his criminal history, Dixon was charged with carjacking, two counts of armed robbery, larceny of $20,000 or more, receiving stolen property worth $20,000 or more, carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent, obstructing a police officer, possession of a firearm by a felon and seven felony firearms violations.

He was placed in jail with no bond. However, Curtis Thompson feels that his arrest did not keep his daughter safe. Curtis Thompson told Fox 2 News that his daughter testified in court in the case. He thinks the carjacking and her murder are related.

“She was pressured by prosecutor and detectives to testify against some people who carjacked her and sure is coincidental now my daughter is dead,” Curtis Thompson said. “(It’s) retaliation of her being carjacked and testifying against the people. That’s what it is. Somebody’s going to pay for this. I don’t know if it’s the prosecutor or the people running around sneaking in the streets of Detroit.”

Starkisha Thompson testified at Kenneth Dixon’s preliminary examination. A week later she was killed.

Starkisha Thompson’s Father Claims She Didn’t Want To Testify:

Starkisha’s father Curtis Thompson is heartbroken and angry because he alleges that Harper Woods police pressured his daughter into testifying against. Dixon, the man accused of carjacking her and her boyfriend at a gas station in September.

“She didn’t want to testify because these guys were violent,” said Thompson who began having heart trouble Tuesday as he stood on the other side of the taped-off crime scene. So upset about his daughter’s murder, Curtis Thompson had heart trouble while talking to the media. Fortunately, a chaplain was on site to help save Thompson’s life.

“When I got over it, it was like he was seizing and he just passed out. I checked to see if he had a pulse, he had no pulse. He didn’t have a heartbeat, he wasn’t breathing. I started to give him chest compressions. Thank God he came back around.. We was waiting on paramedics for 15 minutes,” the chaplain said to Fox 2 News.

Detroit Police are actively searching for Starkisha’s killer and a motive in the case. Detectives have not ruled out that the killing is connected to Starkisha’s testimony in the carjacking case.

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