8 Year-Old Watched His Mother Get Fatally Shot But His Quick Thinking Saved His Siblings

Posted On : 06/12/2018

St. Louis woman, Porsha Owens, was a hard working mother of 3 as she worked as a District Safety Officer in the Riverview Gardens School District. Owens was a kind woman who loved her job as well as her children. Tragically, she was gunned down in front of her children by a stranger. As she fought for her life, her 8 year-old son held her hand.

Mother Of 3 Was killed On Her Way To Work:

On Monday morning, Porsha Owens, 28, was on her way to drop her children off at daycare before she headed to work. According to the St. Louis Dispatch, as Owens approached her vehicle, a man came out of nowhere with his face covered as he demanded her keys. According to Owens’ son, the man had his face covered with his shirt when he said, ‘Give me your money and your car keys.’ The Daily Mail reports that Owens refused to comply, so the gunman shot her and reportedly grabbed the keys anyway. However, he was unable to get the car started so he fled the scene.

After Owens was shot, her brave 8-year-old son reportedly told his younger siblings to hide under the car so they wouldn’t get hurt. Then, the courageous boy attempted to get some help for his mother as he ran to flag down a police officer. According to Fannie King, Owens’ grandmother, he waited by his mother’s side until an ambulance came.

Sadly, Owens later died at the hospital.

Family Devastated By The Death Of Their Loved One Who Was Gunned Down In Front Of Her Children:

Owens’ mother, Yvette King, is trying to stay strong for her grandchildren but she is angry and devastated over the loss of her daughter.

It’s a blank, her mom Yvette King said to Fox 2 Now. I’m angry, disbelief, I’m hurt. I’m really having a hard time with this, King said. Like I said I’m more so in disbelief that my daughter is gone. It’s like a dream and I’m going to wake up. They took my daughter. Somebody took my daughter’s life for something so material that can be replaced, her mom said. Everyone who knew my daughter knows she loved her cars and she invested in her cars. It’s hard for me to speak of my child in past tense, King said. As a mom, I always told her ‘Mama don’t raise woman I raise soldiers so even though she did die that way, she still died as a soldier.

Posted by Porsha Owens on Monday, August 14, 2017


As stated before, Owens worked as a District Safety Officer in the Riverview Gardens School District. She had a great relationship with the students, parents, as well as the staff members. Many of them have taken to social media to express their condolences over the senseless death of Owens. The district released this statement on the tragedy.

We are heartbroken to learn of the tragic loss of District Safety Officer Porsha Owens. Officer Owens was a treasured member of the Riverview Gardens School District family, who worked diligently to build positive relationships with RGSD scholars, teachers, and administrators. RGSD has grief counselors available for students and staff. We want to extend our sincere condolences to the Owens family.

A Go Fund Me page was created by Owens’ mother where she shared that Porsha Owens was a mother to three children: RJ, 8, Hailee, 4, and Haiyden, 3. The family is hoping to raise 50,000 to help support her three children.

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