62-Yr-Old Woman Shoots Boyfriend After Poor Sex — But For Most Embarrassing Reason

Posted On : 06/08/2018

SOUTHFIELD, MICHIGAN — Sometimes, it just doesn’t pay to shoot your shot. This woman’s boyfriend found out the hard way when he didn’t perform to her expectations.

According to CBS Detroit, authorities were called to quite the interesting scene after receiving a domestic violence call.

The source says the suspect, Sadie Bell, had just shot her boyfriend — Edward Lee — in the stomach.

62-Yr-Old Woman Shoots Boyfriend After Poor Sex — 'Didn't Do As Promised', She Said
Sadie Bell. Photo via Oakland County Jail.


Reportedly, Bell and Lee had engaged in sexual intercourse; however, the woman felt her partner didn’t live up to the standard, so to speak.

“The two argued, and Bell went into the bathroom, got a Smith & Wesson and shot Lee in the stomach,” USA Today reports. “He lay wounded on the floor for several hours before she called 911.”

Chief Assistant Prosecutor Paul Walton mentions as follows regarding the case.

“She stated that she knew he was having an affair because he wasn’t producing enough ejaculate. She also said to the police some very graphic things about how she expected him to perform, she was a cheap date, she liked sex, she expected him to be able to do what he’s promised; and she said, in essence, to quote her, she was pissed off, so she shot him.”

NOTE: Real talk, she shot him because he didn’t cum enough. Wwoooooooooww.


As reported, she felt that his ejaculate amount was an indicator he was cheating on her.


Bell and Lee were already having an affair in themselves. According to USA Today, the two would meet every Saturday night.

They weren’t a “couple” and had been having an affair with each other for over a decade, according to the source.

Prosecutor Walton stated:

“The underlying facts in this are a little bizarre, in that the defendant in this case was having a 15 year affair with the victim, Mr. Lee. She was upset with him after a sexual act that she felt he wasn’t performing adequately and accused him then of having an affair, and then took out a gun and shot him.”

NOTE: So, Bell accused Lee of cheating on a faithful cheater who’s cheating? Woooooooooooow. Can’t make this up, folks. Can’t make this up.


CBS Detroit reports that Sadie Bell was convicted of “assault with intent to do great bodily harm” after shooting Edward Lee.

According to The Gawker, Lee nearly died after having suffered damage to his colon and pancreas. He was hospitalized for six weeks.

As result, Bell was sentenced to 20 months to 10 years in prison for the assault and an additional two years on a gun charge.

Interestingly enough, her attorney filed a motion to get her out on $10,000 bond pending appeal, and the court — by decision of Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Phyllis McMillen — granted it.

Yet, the Michigan Court of Appeals overturned the ruling and ordered Bell back to jail, stating there was a lack of evidence to support she wasn’t a threat to the community.

Because, believe it or not, this wasn’t her first rodeo…

Prosecutor Walton also mentions that Bell allegedly shot another man — her husband — back in 1991. However, The Gawker reports that he refused to testify against her, so she was never convicted.

Walton says Bell should remain behind bars as she’s a risk to public safety.

“She has demonstrated that her past behavior is…to act out in violence, not necessarily with reason. A normal person would walk away from situation when they felt they were being cheated on or leave — not take out a gun and shoot someone.”

Reportedly, during her sentencing for shooting Lee, no charges were brought against her for the 1991 shooting.

This is one wild story, indeed. It’s as if Shonda Rhimes is out here writing drama scripts for real people. #Insane.

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[Featured Photo via Oakland County Jail]

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