My 600 Pound Life Star Starts A Go Fund Me After Quitting The Show

Posted On : 04/16/2018

Schenee Murry was at her breaking point. Feeling like she was drowning in her weight, Murry turned to My 600-LB Life for help. However, when she was on the show, it appeared that Murry had difficulty adjusting to the doctor’s weight loss advice.

After Quitting 600-LB Life, Murry Is Asking For Help:

As the show begins, viewers instantly see the daily struggles that Schenee Murry endures. At 27 years old, Murry’s weight has caused her to depend on her husband as she is unable to move around on her own. Simply put, it’s exhausting. Weighing 665 pounds, Murry had reached her breaking point. Because of her weight, Murry was unable to fit in the shower so her husband, Freddy, had to bath her by hand in her bed. The Indianapolis, Indiana woman had struggled with her weight as a child and she was ready for a change. So, Murry and her husband Freddy packed up their things and moved to Houston as they prepared to meet Dr. Nowzaradan from My 600-Lb Life.

While in the hospital, Murry struggled to follow Dr. Nowzaradan’s orders. Murry was instructed to lose at least 100 pounds within a month in order to qualify for the surgery. However, her poor eating habits and lack of accountability hindered her weight loss. Staff members informed Dr. Nowzaradan that Murry’s husband Freddy was bringing her pizza and hamburgers. When confronted, Murry cried on camera with claims that she didn’t eat the pizza. Instead of owning her poor diet, Murry claimed that a large part of her weight was due to retaining water. At the end of the month, Murry lost 91 pounds and she was given a task of losing 30 more. Murry had to prove her dedication by losing the weight on her own through exercising, eating healthy, and attending her therapy sessions.

When Dr. Nowzaradan called to check on Murry, she rolled her eyes as if she didn’t want to be bothered. Murry missed her therapy sessions and she hadn’t been exercising. In speaking with the doctor, Murry told him that she was unable to eat healthy because she had just moved into a new apartment. Additionally, she was unable to meet her therapy session appointments because her legs were swollen due to water weight. Nowzaradan continued to push Murry to own her mistakes and to stop making excuses. That’s when Murry asked him if he believed in God. In her words, God was her doctor and if he wanted her to have the surgery, she would.

See Murry Speak With  Dr. Nowzaradan Below:

Former 600-Lb Life Contestant Slams Dr. Nowzaradan:

Murry was given a second chance to lose 30 pounds. However, when she finally met with Dr. Nowzaradan again, he discovered that she gained weight. After skipping her doctor’s appointments and required therapy sessions, she quit the show eight months into filming. On the day that the show aired, Murry streamed live on Facebook to inform everyone that she still was living in Houston, Texas. She claims that she was humiliated and she continued to deny eating the pizza.

What’s good y’all. I’m still in Houston. I don’t know what everybody’s going crazy for, but let me tell you this — I don’t fall for no man but God. And no, I didn’t eat the pizza and don’t worry about what the bleach is for,’ she said, prompting her husband Freddie to chime in to say the pizza was his.

‘I ate that motherf*****g pizza b***h. It was me,’ he said. She ain’t touch none of that so doc. You heard it from the man himself.’

See Schenne Murry’s Update Below:

Just one day later, Schenee launched her Go Fund Me page, claiming her ‘true story was not told.’

Im raising this money for a great cause i was dragged to houston texas to get humiliated on national tv an i have been struggling every since for everything i have a lot of hopes an dreams an one is to get better i don’t only have weight problems i have other health problems that’s just over looked so im team schenee with a great husband God has blessed us this far [sic],’ she wrote.

To date, she’s collected $75 dollars of a $50,000 goal. Many fans of the show slammed Murry on the internet and told her that she was delusional.

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