50 Blasts Ex For Saying Horrific Thing About His Son..But She Fires Back, Tells All

Posted On : 06/19/2018

50 Cent and the mother of his eldest son, Shaniqua Topkin, are at each other’s necks again. For well over a decade, the world has watched them repeatedly beef in public, while hurling insults and allegations toward each other. As many of us know, it’s so bad, that even their 21 year old son has grown to dislike his Pops. Even though they say ‘time heals all wounds,’ today the tension between the trio is like a freshly re-opened wound that’s infected now…it’s THAT bad.

LOVE YA DAD?, Love you too baby boy. Give me some of that icy. LOL ?get the strap #lecheminduroi #power

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On Monday (June 18, 2018), 50 posted a side by side photo of himself holding his 5 year old son, Sire (with model, Daphne Joy) and an angry photo of Shaniqua. On the photo, 50 stated that Shaniqua reportedly told him that Daphne should have “swallowed” Sire. He also included the caption:

“oh my goodness, why would a person say such a thing? lm just heart broken that this woman hasn’t moved on. LOL #get the strap”

Needless to say, fans were appalled by the thought of Shaniqua saying such a foul thing about a child and they proceeded to voicing their opinions online:

“And people wonder why he doesn’t have the same kind of relationship with his older son as he does with the younger son…he’s the constant the difference is the mothers,” wrote one commenter.

Another person wrote, “She needs to seek psychiatric help. She is missing out enjoying life being bitter!”

None of that went over too well with Shaniqua though. Following the backlash, she has now taken to Twitter to sound off on 50. She claims he is telling an outright lie on her and she’s also making some bold allegations of her own about 50:

Shaniqua Tompkin- “Y’all post this lie and bull sh*t! This man’s obsession with me is insanity at this point! He’s mad because my son post a picture of an empty seat on Father’s Day. Now that child support is over what is he mad about?? He’s Mad that I know he snitched and got an order protection on Irv Gotti . I went with him to the police station after we came from Mary immaculate hospital Where he got stitches afterwards in Jamaica Queens. No wait maybe he’s mad because he would piss on him self and in the bed because he was so traumatized but he want to pretend like he’s a gangster. Maybe he’s mad that his mother didn’t actually raise him even before her death he always lived with his Grandmother your own Mother didn’t want to be around you.??‍♀️ No maybe he’s mad because the Forbes list was really a lie. I was there when he did the deal he only owned 10% of 50 cent vitamin water not the whole company and he only made like 12 million a far cry from that 400 million you want to claim you made.. I don’t know what it is but those are just a few 50 fun facts . I have way more. Thanks though, because on July 23rd the judge will see this .. make sure you have those tax returns play boy 2 years.. Thank you?”

As y’all can see, 50’s ex said a lot and the photo she’s referring to is the one shown below, which their son, Marquise posted to mock his dad’s absence on Father’s Day…

Father’s Day Lunch lol

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Yep, Marquise and 50 Cent still have a very tense relationship. It’s really sad to witness, especially since we watched Marquise grow up in the spotlight, right by his dad’s side back in the day. We truly hope that eventually they’ll all resolve the years of tension that has destroyed their family unit.

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