400-Pound Man Crushes Autistic Grandson To Death By Laying On Him During Tantrum

Posted On : 09/22/2018

MOUNT ORAB, OHIO — In a moment of frustration, this grandfather made one of the dumbest moves ever recorded. And it cost a young child his life.


Autistic children require a special level of attention and care. And they should never be placed with people who can’t deliver the amount and detail necessary — regardless if they’re family.

According to KDKA-2 Pittsburgh, 58-year-old Donald Martin was sitting his 11-year-old autistic grandson, Dylan Martin-Davis.

Sometime during the child’s stay, Dylan went into a tantrum. The source reports that, in an effort to “calm” the child, Martin decided to LAY his whole 400-pound a** on the kid.

Reportedly, Dylan died of asphyxiation. Dictionary.com’s definition of this is: “to cause to die or lose consciousness by impairing normal breathing, as by gas or other noxious agents; choke; suffocate; smother.”

Can you imagine how frightened this kid must have been during this torturous incident?

He might have been trying to catch his breath, but because of this human anvil laying atop of him, his chest or abdomen could not expand.

And since he couldn’t breathe, he most likely also couldn’t yell or scream for his grandfather to get his always-supersize-me a** off him.

Four-hundred pounds, folks.


The source notes that Brown County Judge Scott Gusweiler found him “not guilty” of the crime — the crime being “reckless homicide.” According to Scott, there was no evidence available to say Donald Martin knew he’d cause serious harm to 11-year-old Dylan.

The crazy part is he pleaded guilty in April, as reports KDKA. Yet in June — by the advice of his lawyer, Bruce Wallace — he withdrew the plea.

The source says his initial plea was made so he would “avoid the trauma of putting his family through a contentious trial.”

And while Donald Martin might be relieved he doesn’t have to do jail time for flopping on his grandson like some renegade whale, Dylan’s father — Sam Davis — calls the verdict a “nightmare.”

It’s possible Davis could pursue a civil case; but for now, it’s uncertain.

According to the source, Dylan’s mom had custody of him. However, she left him in the care of the granddad. It’s probable she believed he possessed enough common sense not to kill her child. Unfortunately, in that department, Donald Martin failed himself, his daughter and most of all, his grandson.

“The child was diagnosed as autistic and reportedly had several behavioral disorders,” as reports the source.


“With great power comes great responsibility,” right?

Given that Martin had all his mental faculties intact, there’s no way he should’ve consciously made that decision and not thought about the possible consequences.

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