4-Yr-Old Tells Mom Her Leg Hurts — Now She’s Fighting For Her Life

Posted On : 02/23/2018

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA — One moment, she’s playing with her sister and enjoying life. The next, she’s fighting for her right to live.

Life truly can change in the blink of an eye. If you’re a parent, this type of situation is one you’d hope to never experience.

The child’s name is Kalani Baisden. And she’s quite the little warrior. According to her mom, Shanai Baisden, her 4-year-old isn’t really one to complain. If anything, she’s a boss.


During the beginning of February, little Kalani was struck with intense pain — to the point where, with eyes full of tears, she told her mom about pain in her leg.

According to the mother, she found it highly unusual and took her daughter to Rady Children’s Hospital for evaluation. That’s when she was hit with completely devastating news.

On February 10, Shanai posted to Facebook as follows.

“We’re not sure why God chose our baby girl for this path, but what’s done is done. Kalani Maya has been diagnosed with cancer.”

Yet, it wasn’t just “cancer.” Doctors say it’s already in stage 4.

Likewise, according to the 4-year-old’s mom, doctors believe it to be an extremely rare form called “adrenocortical carcinoma.”

Note: The National Cancer Institute states that “adrenocortical carcinoma is a rare disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the outer layer of the adrenal gland.”

Can you even begin to imagine watching your child play, and then — in a week’s blur — seeing that child battle stage-4 cancer?


The Black Loop caught up with Shanai, and she offered a few journal entries as further elaboration.

Overall, the mother says she would give her all to trade places with her and misses seeing her daughter smile.

4-Yr-Old Tells Mom Her Leg Hurts — Now She's Fighting For Her Life - Journal Entry
An entry from Shanai Baisden, recorded while sitting bedside to Kalani.

It’s been rough over the past week, especially with Kalani undergoing chemotherapy and other medications.

According to Shanai, doctors are still trying to pinpoint what’s actually going on with her daughter — other than “it’s cancer.”

So, they’re trying several treatment methods and dosages. Yet, through it all, this 4-year-old is staying strong . . . #LaniStrong.

**Fortunately, they did work one or two smiles from her after Doc McStuffins came to visit.**


During Kalani’s treatment, several side effects have taken place due to all the medicines prescribed. She has experienced various bowel complications, as well as excessive vomiting, chronic fever, high blood pressure, intense pain, and more — according to Shanai’s journal entries.

And while it’s physically rough on this 4-year-old’s body, this news is also hitting the family hard.

According to the family’s GoFundMe page, aside from the physical, emotional, and mental stress this is also causing the parents, Shanai had to take a leave of absence from work and most-likely won’t be able to return while her daughter is needing constant attention.

The source notes as follows.

“Kalani’s parents are currently undergoing financial hardship, after her mom was forced to take a leave of absence from work. Her father works as much over time as possible in order to provide. Yet, with all of Kalani’s expenses, it places them — as well as their 4-year-old warrior — in a tough spot.”


Even more misfortune is showing its face, according to the source.

Apparently, while in the process of sterilizing their home for Kalani’s return — which now, the estimated release date is undetermined — their landlord contacted them with the most inconvenient news ever.

Kalani’s family will have to find another place to live in 6 months. Specifically, the source states that the landlord plans to conduct full property renovations.

And there’s more…

Too, it seems that Kalani’s condition is so rare, they’ve only been able to find one doctor — in Michigan — who’s familiar with the current diagnosis.

With that in mind, the family is intensely trying to gather enough to get Kalani the treatment and care she needs to live.

**One day, watching her child run and play like normal. A week later, wondering what happened — while seeing her child strapped to IVs and undergoing chemo.

Wow… …imaginatively unbearable.**

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[Featured Photo via Shanai Baisden / Facebook]

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