[Video] Many People Still Missing After 24-Story Apartment Fire

Posted On : 06/14/2017

An early-morning fire has left nearly 100 people injured, many in critical condition. This fire spread so quickly, it basically took everyone by surprise.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM — If you saw your building on fire, what would you do? Would you get out or stay in your apartment?

As of yet, it’s reported there have been six deaths confirmed. However, there are 20 who are in critical condition and nearly 80 more who sustained injuries.

Unfortunately, several people are reported missing by friends, family, and neighbors — as can be seen from Twitter.

According to Telegraph video, approximately 200 firefighters were deployed to combat this enormous blaze as it continued to engulf Grenfell Tower.

The source says an eyewitness accounted people jumping from the building in attempts to escape the intense flames.

According to Guardian, one woman even dropped her baby out of a window to someone who caught the child on the ground.

Samira Lamrani quotes as follows.

“People were starting to appear at the windows, frantically banging and screaming. The windows were slightly ajar, a woman was gesturing that she was about to throw her baby and if somebody could catch her baby. Somebody did, a gentleman ran forward and managed to grab the baby.”

The source reports that the woman was “on the ninth or tenth floor” when she made the drop.

Everyone knew the building was on fire except its residents…

WARNING: The following video contains graphic footage. Viewer discretion is advised.

Why didn’t they know?…

You know, it’s pretty interesting.

There was a Stay Put policy at Grenfell Tower. Basically, unless the fire was in your particular apartment, you were advised to “stay put.”

Mike Toblin, technical director of Security and Fire Experts Ltd, says that — “as a rule” — the Stay Put policy works, as reports Guardian.

“But, I think this is such a tragic incident, there’s so many potential issues that make it a one-off.”

Likewise, there might not have been fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide alarms within the building.

According to Inside Housing, all those things were removed during a recent building refurbishment.

The Guardian reports that Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organization has released a statement regarding the fire.

“It is too early to speculate what caused the fire and contributed to its spread. We will co-operate fully with all the relevant authorities in order to ascertain the cause of this tragedy. We are aware that concerns have been raised historically by residents. We always take all concerns seriously and these will form part of our forthcoming investigations. While these investigations continue with our co-operation, our core priority at the moment is our residents.”

Damage Control…

In a preemptive response from Irwell Valley — in order to assure its residents don’t end up like those at Grenfell Tower — the company basically tells its tenants they’re not required to provide such fire safety accommodation.

They, too, have the “stay put” policy in place.

“All flats/apartments have the appropriate fire protection including entrance doors to properties that are all fire rated,” says Andrea Spamer, Head of Tenancy Services and Technical. “The reason that doors are fitted with self-closing devices is to separate each individual flat and prevent any fire spread throughout the building.”

Yet, in the next paragraph, the letter continues as follows.

“There is currently no requirement for a common fire alarm system within the blocks. Neither is there a requirement for the provision of firefighting equipment, fire extinguishers, etc. Indeed, these are discouraged by the Fire Service [fire department].”


Those who survived and were able to escape the building might have their Muslim co-residents to thank.

According to Independent, some of the Muslim residents of the apartment building were awake in the early morning hours observing Ramadan.

There were no fire alarms alerting their residents, but everyone was rather alerted by those who were awake at the time.

One witness told an Independent reporter, “If it wasn’t for Ramadan, there would’ve been more casualties.”

He said police and firefighters hadn’t even responded by the time they had escaped the building.


Nevertheless, this is how Grenfell Tower looked before the massive fire.

This is what it is today.

All in all, we’d like to know your thoughts and concerns regarding this horrific incident.

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