Parents Devastated After 2-Yr Old Stumbles Upon Their Cash Savings & Shreds It

Posted On : 10/08/2018

2-yr-old Shreds Parents' Savings

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH — Although kids do the darnedest things, young “Billy” took initiative to help with his parents’ savings, shredding it like old credit card decline letters.


Paper is paper, right? At least, that seems to be the case for 2-year-old Leo Belnap.

While finding ways to entertain himself, he stumbled upon his parents’ little nest egg for the year. And he made it do what it do!

On Sunday, October 2, Belnap’s dad — Ben — talked with KSL to express thoughts regarding his financial disposal unit of a toddler.

According to the source, Ben and his wife — Jackee — were searching far and wide within the parameters of their house for a seemingly misplaced, important envelope.

The source reports they practically tore the house apart looking for it. While Ben dug through the trash, he heard his wife scream, “I found it!”

Yep, she found it all right — in the shredder, in thousands of pieces.


Little Leo reportedly had been helping mother Jackee shred junk mail and other documents earlier, like a boss.

Soooooooo, wanting to show his toddler-sized independence, he applied himself. Upon realizing his mother wasn’t pleased — thusly he wouldn’t be receiving a promotion to head shredder in charge — he laughed and moved on to the next venture.

However, Jackee Belnap was reduced to tears. The source says she cried until she laughed.

NOTE: This wasn’t a “crying laugh” where you laugh so hard you cry. No. She cried so hard, she began to laugh. That’s a different level of emotion right there. That’s probably juuuuuust before you start watching YouTube videos on “how to get away with murder.”

Nevertheless, reportedly, she told News4Utah as follows.

“As devastated and as sick as we were, this was one of those moments where you just have to laugh.”

She says it might make a great wedding story if nothing else. However, SUPPOSEDLY, they’re not going to allow Leo to use the shredder any longer. 😑😏

Time will see how that plays out.

In case you’re wondering how and why Jackee is so chipper about the situation, it turns out that they may be able to recoup their losses.

Apparently, there’s a division of the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing which deals with mutilated and mangled money. No joke. It’s called the “Mutilated Currency Division.”

The source says that — after the couple sends the remains of the shredded savings to the bureau and it’s processed — they might get their money back……in six months to three years.

All in all, it’s good to set boundaries within the household. Although Leo thought he was helping — and though the amount was only $1,060 — it could’ve been a lot worse had it been their life savings rather than their recreational savings.

Nonetheless, let us know your thoughts about it. Will they keep young “Billy” out the office, or will he make an even greater, triumphant return?

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