1st Black “Black Panther” Writer Reveals Her Pain After Being Shunned From Film’s Premiere

Posted On : 02/01/2018

As diehard fans and new fans highly anticipate the February 16th release date of the Black Panther film, there is one person who is sitting in the wings, crushed by what she says was just done to her. Her name is Roxane Gay (pictured below) and she’s one of the two writers of Marvel Comics’ “World of “Wakanda” series, the spin-off to the previous Black Panther Marvel series. In case you aren’t familiar with Ms. Gay’s work, she and her writing partner, Yona Harvey, were the first two African American women to write a Marvel comic series.

In fact, their comic book is a major factor within the upcoming Black Panther film. Why? Because for the film, which has a predominantly Black cast for the first time in Marvel history, is set in the fictitious African nation of “Wakunda,” which was created by Gray and Harvey.

Writer, Roxane Gay Sounds Off

“Wakunda” is a backdrop that millions of fans are waiting to see the Black Panther characters protect in the film. However, according to Roxane Gray, whomever was in charge of the movie premiere didn’t give a damn about protecting her feelings, when they reportedly stomped all over them with that un-invite she received. In a series of tweets, Gray, expressed the hurt that she felt watching the rest of the cast, writers, and staff celebrate the upcoming film’s release at the premiere, without her:

“My feelings are real hurt that I didn’t get an invite to the Black Panther premiere. I mean goddamn Marvel. Goddamn,” tweeted Gray.

When one commenter asked why she deserved to go to the film’s premiere, Gray set the record straight:

Ms. Gray then chose to hold her head high and still support the film’s release:

“I’m still thrilled about the movie and can’t wait to see it. And I mean. It’s fine. I’M not fancy. Just admitting that my lil feelings were hurt.”

She later tweeted:

“I was just sharing a personal L, you know, pulling the curtains back. The comics and movies are different entities. I just felt, as I said, bummed to not be invited.I hope you alll [sic] support the movie enthusiastically. By all early accounts, is incredible. And a lot of black work and creativity went into its making.”

Vulture Festival Los Angeles - Day 1
HOLLYWOOD, CA – NOVEMBER 18: Roxane Gay arrives for Vulture Festival Los Angeles at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on November 18, 2017 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Gabriel Olsen/WireImage)

Fans Show Support To Writer, Roxane Gay

Fans commended Roxane Gray for handling the alleged movie premiere snub with poise and class:

Other Black Panther writers were in attendance at the premiere, therefore one could assume that they were invited. So it’s uncertain whether or not the non-invite Gray received, was a mistake, because it very well could have been. But since Ms. Gray didn’t get her Black Panther movie premiere invite, it’s only right that she gets the shine she deserves for her hard work as well. That’s why we decided to show Roxane Gray some love today. Keep doing your thing Gray…hard work never goes unnoticed Queen.

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