17-Yr-Old w/ Three Jobs Had Dreams Of Being Nurse — Killed At Dance Battle

Posted On : 10/08/2018

COMPTON, CALIFORNIA — While attending something designed to keep kids out the streets, unfortunately, tragedy claimed this 17-year-old graduate who had big dreams.


According to ABC 7, on Sunday, September 30, Chloe Hunter let her mother — Janel — know she was heading to a local dance battle with some friends.

NOTE: If you remember the 2005 documentary, Rize, it showcased the various battles held around the Greater Los Angeles area. In the film, there were Krumpers, Clowners, etc. Yet, it also brought to surface the very real struggle in the area concerning gang violence and the impact it has on the surrounding youth.

With that in mind, things appear no better today than over a decade ago.

Reportedly, Hunter had recently graduated from Bellflower High School and was attending her freshman year of college at Cerritos College, studying nursing. Her mom told the source that, while holding down school, she also had three jobs.

Janel mentioned as follows.

“She had three jobs. She just kept saying, ‘I can’t wait until I’m 18. Then I can be management. I can work after 10, I can work a full 40 hours.”


Janel received a call that Sunday evening, the source notes. The mother says her daughter left the house at 5 p.m.; while proofreading her daughter’s English homework, she got the call about Chloe being shot approximately 30 minutes later.

Chloe and three others were shot. And while the other three are recovering, Chloe passed at the hospital after succumbing to her wounds.

ABC 7 reports that the teen was killed three days before her 18th birthday. It has taken a serious toll on her mother. While we hear about crimes on a daily basis, Janel says she doesn’t want Chloe to be just another statistic.

“I really just wanted to put a name and a face — a person — and a life to the headline of ’17-year-old girl killed in Compton’, Janel tells the source. “I want the world to know who that 17-year-old girl is.”

Yet, the deceased teen’s younger sister — Claire — is also feeling the impact from her sibling’s death. According to her, she had just seen her while at work — along with the accompanying friend.

They apparently dropped by as they were heading out to the battle. She can’t believe it’s happened so suddenly — that her sister is gone.

Unfortunately, the shooter hasn’t been identified either. The source says that suspect is still on the loose.

It’s all quite the tragedy, indeed.

Chloe Hunter was shining her light on the world. Her family, now, wonders “why?” she was taken.

Our deepest goes out to the Hunter family in their time of grief.

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