16 Years Later C-Murder Homicide Witness Recants Story & Master P Makes Big Announcement

Posted On : 06/27/2018

Master P’s brother, Corey “C-Murder” Miller, is rejoicing. The No Limit rapper was charged with shooting and killing 16 year old Steven Thomas, on Jan. 12, 2002, shortly after his concert at a nightclub in Jefferson Parish- a suburb of New Orleans, La.. Well, after C-Murder has spent nearly 9 years behind bars (since Aug. 11, 2009), the key witness from his murder trial has finally decided to tell the truth about what he says really happened.

Witness’ Recant Statement:

On Tuesday (June 26), key witness, Kenneth Jordan (35), was at the nightclub on the night of Thomas’ murder, officially recanted his testimony. Jordan has now admitted, in a new affidavit, that the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s pressured him into lying on C-Murder, so he (Jordan) could avoid being charged in a separate crime.

Via Nola: “I know that the individual who I saw shoot the gun was not Corey Miller,” Jordan, 35, said in an affidavit filed in 24th Judicial District Court records. Jordan said Sheriff’s Office detectives arrested him a a year later, on Jan. 20, 2003, in connection with the death of his newborn daughter. The infant’s mother eventually was convicted of manslaughter in the baby’s death.

But she was only 16 years old when the child was born, according to court records, and detectives told Jordan he faced a possible felony carnal knowledge charge with a 10-year sentence for having sex with her. The age of consent in Louisiana is 17. […] Authorities offered him leniency if he provided a statement implicating Miller in the murder, Jordan said in the affidavit. “I was distraught and scared,” Jordan said, adding that he felt pressured to lie.

Two Trials

Jordan testified at Miller’s first trial in 2003 and a jury convicted Miller of second-degree murder. However, a judge subsequently threw out the 2003 conviction, after ruling that prosecutors withheld information about the witnesses in the case.

Once it was time for Miller’s second trial in 2009, law enforcement located Jordan in Atlanta (where he’d moved to). According to the new affidavit, they forced him to re-testify, even though he said he no longer wanted to lie on Miller. But Miller’s attorney, Paul Barker, said officers took Jordan into custody on a material witness bond and told him it was too late to back out because his 2003 testimony was “already in black and white.”

C-Murder’s Attorney Speaks Out

For many years, Miller and his attorney’s attorneys have claimed that the witness’ testimony was false. Miller’s attorney at that time, Ron Rakosky, even alluded to that during both of Miller’s trials:

Ron Rakosky…cross-examined Kenneth Jordan in 2009. At the time, Kenneth Jordan admitted a “contract” with the district attorney’s office to testify against Miller. Jordan also testified that the Sheriff’s Office declined to arrest him on the carnal knowledge charge, in order to secure his testimony. Jordan told Rakosky that he wanted to “do the right thing” in testifying about the shooting. -via Nola.com

Now, Corey “C-Murder” Miller and his legal team are elated that they finally have proof:

Via Nola: “He [Jordan] was really their star witness at the second trial. Without him, him they don’t get a conviction,” said Barker, who filed the memorandum seeking a new trial for Miller.

TV Show Confession

Prior to now, Jordan was already about to confess on national television, for Discovery Channel’s Wednesday (June 27) upcoming episode of the crime series, “Reasonable Doubt,” airing at 7p.m. E/9 C. According to Baker, Jordan said he’s tired of living with nearly 10 years of guilt for falsely testifying against C-Murder.

Atty. Baker says the decision to free C-Murder is up to the judge, who can either grant their request to throw out the murder conviction, deny it altogether, or grant him a retrial.

Master P & Son, Romeo Speak Out

Following this good news, both Master P and his son/actor, Romeo Miller, sounded off on social media:

Nola.com also reported that ‘the [Jefferson Parish] Sheriff’s Office and the district attorney’s office would not comment on the case.’

Quite frankly, I won’t be holding my breathe, waiting for a comment from the JP Sheriff’s Office. As a New Orleans native, I know that when it comes to Jefferson Parish, if you’re Black and simply driving through certain sections of it at night, you’re damn near automatically considered a potential criminal suspect. Get it? Good.

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