So Sad — 15-Yr-Old Belittles Jay Z And Praises Trump Like A God

Posted On : 02/01/2018

UNITED STATES — This is a sad moment in Black history. Trump truly has taken hold of manipulative, young minds with his inaccurate, propagandist “alternative facts.”

As you know, Jay Z recently commented on Donald Trump’s motion to brag on the U.S.’s unemployment rate among Black Americans, as if he was the cause of its decline.

Well, this 15-year-old — CJ Pearson — didn’t take too kindly to Jay Z insinuating that Trump had nothing to do with the decline.

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Here’s what Pearson had to say about it.

“Let’s stop the charade, let’s stop the pretending, and let’s be honest here: You do not care about black people. Because those jobs mean a lot. They may not mean a lot to you, because of your high net worth and your amazing rap career that you’ve had, but to average Americans — average people of color across this nation — those jobs mean a lot…I understand you don’t understand that. I understand that you don’t get it. I understand that you don’t empathize with their struggle. But guess what? Donald Trump does, I do, and so do millions of other Americans.”


And, that’s a sad reality. He appears to be an intelligent young brother.

However, apparently, he doesn’t own or possess any facts. Because “fact” — numbers, statistics, (heck) a fiscal calendar — would let anyone know that Donald Trump has had absolutely zero to do with the decline of Black unemployment in America.

That was all President Barack Hussein Obama. Donald Trump’s fiscal year JUST started a few days ago. So, how would he have anything at all to do with the results of the last fiscal year?

Especially when all he’s done is repeal everything the Obama administration put into play — no matter the cost, no matter who it hurt.

Ask former Trump supporters who finally saw the light.

Yet, if you take a look at CJ Pearson’s social media accounts, you’ll understand why his opinion is quite “biased.” There are no notable, strong-minded Black influences around him.

And that’s unfortunate for the young brother. If there were, they’d tell him to do his own research on Donald Trump — rather than pandering to his demographic, just to be accepted among them.

Hopefully, one day, he’ll see the truth regarding Donald Trump.

All in all, let us know your thoughts about CJ Pearson’s view. Do you think he’s been brainwashed? If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

[Featured Photo via @TheCJPearson / Twitter]

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