14-Yr-Old Graduates High School And College On Same Day

Posted On : 06/05/2018

MARIETTA, GEORGIA — In this episode of “Black Excellence,” we explore a teen who recently graduated from college hours before graduating high school. How, right!?

Honestly, at 14 years old, many students are more concerned with the latest video game console or hanging out with friends. Even more pressured, at 14, they’re just starting high school.

However, Matthew McKenzie is a completely different case.



According to USA Today, Matthew graduated high school and college — both on May 10.

Specifically, he graduated from Chattahoochee Technical College. Then, hours later, he also graduated from home in a private ceremony “surrounded by friends, family and teachers,” the source notes — because he was homeschooled.

This news has brought the teen and his family a lot of media attention. Yet, as it seems, Matthew has a long-standing history of excellence.

The source reports that he started reading at 4 years old. USA Today mentions as follows.

“When he was done with first grade in a public school, she decided to homeschool him: He was so advanced that school was boring him. She says administrators weren’t open to putting him in higher grades.”

By age 8, Matthew was already starting high school classes; moreover, at 11, he was taking college courses.

For the most part, Monique McCord — Matthew’s mother — said her son simply studied for fun as a student.

Educating him wasn’t a challenge for her. It was keeping him challenged that was an issue.

He also stayed busy outside of his studies. His mother tells the source that Matthew was involved with several extracurricular activities, “including playing three instruments in at least four bands,” it mentions.


Yet, he’s not done with his educational journey. The source notes that he has “big plans for the future.”

McCord tells the source that her son wants to start a natural cosmetic company. Specifically, he wants to create products which will cure wrinkles.

“I want to be a cosmetic chemist. I want to start my own line of chemical products, the beauty of things,” McKenzie mentions to Fox-5 Atlanta.

To do that, he’ll have to continue his education — which is exactly what’s happening in the fall.

Matthew’s mom mentions that he will attend Kennesaw State University as part of the biochemistry bachelor’s program.

Yet, even then, he won’t be complete until after pursuing master’s and Ph.D programs. He’s concerning Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) for his graduate studies.

Nevertheless, for now, McCord estimates he’ll be done with his next degree in approximately two years.

“Just in time to start dating,” the source notes. According to Matthew’s mom, he isn’t allowed to date until he’s 16.

And while he did go to prom for homeschooled and private schooled students, he took a “friend,” not a date.

Monique McCord was very clear on that.


In addition, Matthew McKenzie is but one of the mother’s children being homeschooled at the McCord house.

The source says 15-year-old Donovan McKenzie is currently also completing both high school and college classes.

For now, he’s planning to get an Emergency Medical Technician certification while studying for his career goal of becoming a surgeon.

Then, there’s Michael McCord, 7 — third grade — “depending on the subject matter,” the source notes.

Also, there’s 2-year-old Julian…who hasn’t started school yet.

All in all, it’s completely wonderful to see a family practicing such a degree of academic and personal excellence, right??

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