Excellence! 14-Yr-Old Graduates University With Physics Degree, But There’s More

Posted On : 05/13/2017

It’s truly a life accomplishment to graduate college at age 14. However, he’s doing it in one of the most difficult fields. Yet, there’s even more to it!

FORT WORTH, TEXAS — This genius’ name is Carson Huey-You. Currently, he attends Texas Christian University (TCU)…actually, just graduated with his Bachelor’s according to the school’s Twitter.

The power of excellence…

Think about it. Carson’s friends — if he has any his age — are just now getting through their freshman year of high school.

They’ve probably not even thought about what college to attend … if they’d want to attend college at all.

While they’re trying to find their first summer jobs, Carson is getting ready to embark on a career path of a lifetime.

Essence reports that he’s graduating with a major in physics. Yet, in addition, he’s also graduating with a double minor in mathematics and Chinese.


Carson says he always knew physics was the way. The source quotes him as follows.

“I knew I wanted to do physics when I was in high school but then, quantum physics was the one that stood out to me because it was abstract. You can’t actually see what’s going on so you have to sort of rely on the mathematics to work everything out.”

As a lax definition:

“Quantum mechanics is the body of scientific laws that describe the wacky behavior of photons, electrons and the other particles that make up the universe,” says Live Science.

So, what’s next?…

According to the source, Carson will return in the fall to pursue his Master’s in Physics.

And get this…

He’s not the only brilliant person in the household. He has a younger brother, 11-year-old Cannan Huey-You, who is about to graduate high school this year.

Absolutely marvelous!

Essence mentions as follows.

“He will be heading to TCU himself in the fall, where he will study astrophysics and engineering. He want to be an astronaut.”

This is definitely a powerhouse family, indeed. Excellence looks good on them.

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