Got Investors! Hardworking 11-Yr-Old Starts Own Lawn Care Business After Company Turns Him Down

Posted On : 06/01/2017

This young man is an inspiration, and hopefully other teens follow in his example. Work ethic is hard to find in today’s youth. But, not with this entrepreneur.

FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA — It’s summer time. School’s out. It’s time for kids to enjoy all the things they’ve wanted during the academic year.

Yet, what if some wanted more than toys, games, and playtime? Well, that’s 11-year-old Q’yaron Godson.

“I can’t just sit in the house and play all my life,” says Godson.

My my my…

This hardworking 11-year-old isn’t going to sit at home this summer. He wants to make money; he wants a job. And, he says if no one is going to hire him, he will make a job.

That, People, is the spirit of entrepreneurship! He’s determined to succeed by any righteous means necessary.

“I’m getting older, so I have to find something to do…I have to get outside and do something at least.”

Godson attempted to work with a local landscaping company for the summer. However, they turned him away.

Although Godson asked for help in finding a lawnmower — from the business which turned him down — someone else saw his initiative and invested in the young man’s future.

William Moss, owner of Moss Small Engine Repair, says he admired how much Godson was trying. So, he wanted to sow into his startup business.

And once Godson saw his new equipment, it brought tears to his eyes.

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports as follows.

“Moss and his wife bought Q’yaron a brand new lawn mower, weed whacker and gas cans to help him launch his small business.”

Can you imagine that? Perfect strangers wanted to see him succeed so much that they purchased him his own equipment.

“Most kids nowadays don’t want to do things like that,” Moss expresses.

And, he’s right. It’s the honest truth.

After they helped show how to use the equipment, Godson went to work. The young man mentions as follows.

“I just want them to know that I’m very thankful to have everything I have now, and God bless them all.”

Hardworking 11-Yr-Old Receives Business Start-Up Surprise - Q’yaron Godson I
Q’yaron Godson gets everything he needs to start his own lawn care service, after being turned down by another landscaping company.

“Teach a man to fish…” right?

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