[Video] 10-Yr-Old Leads Highway Patrol On 100MPH Chase, But That’s Not The Amazing Part

Posted On : 10/29/2017

CLEVELAND, OHIO — It seems as though this little boy wanted to take Grand Theft Auto from his game console and put it to the streets! For over 45 miles, this 10-year-old stuck the accelerator to the floor board.

According to New York Post, a little boy led Ohio State Highway Patrol on a 45-mile chase, on Thursday. During the chase, speeds exceeded 100 mph.

From the dashcam video of one of the patrolmen, it shows the 10-year-old deploying totally-aware maneuvers while evading authorities’ efforts — even avoiding spike strips which were laid down by troopers.

It all started around 8:30 a.m. Reportedly, the young boy was waiting on his sister to take him to school. As he grew impatient, he simply stole his mother’s boyfriend’s car while his sibling was still showering.

That’s when his mom jumped in her car and chased him. They ended up on I-90. While in the chase, she called 911 as follows.

“Oh my f**king god! My son’s going to kill himself before you guys get here.”

The chased took them to I-80 as well. While traveling at high speeds, one of the highway patrolmen pulled beside the 10-year-old and signaled for him to stop.

However, instead of complying, the little boy shook his head “no” and stepped on the gas even more.

As a method of avoiding officers, the child began off-roading, driving along ditches, along the shoulder, and ripping through lanes and traffic. So, they really had to put it to a stop.

The source says the chase lasted about an hour and took them over a span of 45 miles.

Once officers finally got the upper hand on the situation, they quickly clipped and surrounded the car — demanding he immediately roll down his window. Other troopers suggested they break it to forcibly remove the boy.

Break the window,” one trooper exclaimed. “Break the window!

After gaining entry into the car, they pulled the boy through the window space. He was kicking and spitting at the officers. Lucky for him, he wasn’t injured.

Authorities took the 10-year-old into custody. Likewise, he was taken to a hospital just to be sure there were no injuries.

The source mentions that prosecutors in Cuyahoga and Erie counties will decide where to file charges.


According to New York Post, the child’s joyride was the second time. The first time, he stole his mother’s car because he was “bored.”

During that chase, on October 16, he was stopped on I-90 after officers caused three flat tires.

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[Featured Photo via @newnewspage / Twitter]

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