SMH… White Couple’s Racist Message To Black Waitress Will Piss You Off

Posted On : 01/10/2017

A rude couple is making headlines for the highly offensive note they left for a black waitress working in a restaurant. According to the NBC Washington, the couple dined at Anita’s in Ashburn, Virginia on Saturday, Jan. 7.

A ‘Great’ Dining Experience:

Their waitress, Kelly Carter, offered great service and they had no problem leaving a complimentary note and telling her about their experience at the local Mexican restaurant. But, even with the great service they received, it just wasn’t enough for a tip. However, they did leave something else.


It has been reported that the couple wrote, “great service, don’t tip black people at the bottom of their credit card receipt for the $30.52 purchase. Needless to say, their explanation for not leaving a tip has pissed off African-Americans everywhere but no one was more appalled than their waitress, Kelly.

During a recent interview with WJLA-TV, Carter shared her reaction to the rude note. In fact, the offensive statement was so appalling she admitted she had to read it more than once to be sure she read the words correctly. “It was just total shock, that’s all that I can say,” she told the network. “I looked at the receipt three times because I was so shocked, never ever being a server have I seen that.”

Social Media Reaction:

Most commenters on this story think it’s fake, and that the waiter did this to just get attention. While some readers are not surprised by the callously rude statement, others have relied on the old cliche’. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.


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