Shoved Off Sidewalk By Racist Student — He Didn’t Know She Had A Mob Tho!

Posted On : 11/14/2016


In a Twitter video, Nkhama had to let people know what happened. She mentioned that, while she was walking to class, a racist guy “went out of his way” to shove her off the sidewalk.

It shocked her. But, what shocked her more was what he said afterward.

“No n***ers allowed on the sidewalk,” the racist student stated.

There were some students behind Nkhama who saw and heard the incident. They came to her defense.

That’s when the racist student said, “Dude, what? I’m just making America great again.”
Well, after the incident spread around campus, apparently Baylor University’s student body and faculty wasn’t feeling it.

So, a hashtag started, “IWalkWithNatasha”.

Literally, approximately 300 students showed up to walk with Nkhama to her classes. It was an emotional and uplifting turnout. It brought Nkhama and her friends to tears.

Nkhama mentions that she’s proud of how the campus showed up in support. Likewise, she states that, at Baylor University, they’re a family and look out for each other.

“I just want to thank everyone for being here. And, I want everyone who sees this at Baylor — and everyone outside of Baylor — to know that Baylor is a campus of love. And, Baylor is a campus that watches out for each other…and that one person is not a reflection of us. They’re a reflection of themselves…we look out for each other over here.”

Moreover, she stressed the importance of not allowing such racism to be acted out on the campus.

“Not on our campus,” expresses Nkhama.

“And to whomever offended me the other day — I don’t know who you are but — I thank you, honestly. Thank you for being an example for everyone else on campus. To the gentleman that said those words, I’m praying for you…”

Overall, what are your thoughts regarding this racist incident? Feel free to share your comments below.


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