Mesha Caldwell Is The First Reported Transgender Woman Murdered In 2017 (Video)

Posted On : 01/09/2017

Mesha Caldwell was known for being a makeup and hair artist. She was well loved and a friend to many. Her former roommate and friend, Evonne Kaho, shared with Independent that Caldwell met no strangers.

She was a happy person that loved everyone and never met a stranger.

Because she was loved by so many, it’s hard to understand who would want her dead.


On a road outside of Canton, Mississippi, the 41 year-old transgender woman was found shot to death Wednesday afternoon.

While Mesha Caldwell was born, Omario Caldwell, she always dressed as a beautiful woman. A friend of Caldwell’s mother, Mary Young, shared that she was hurt when initial media reports misgendered Caldwell as male.

She always, always dressed like a girl, Young said. And as she grew up, she became beautiful just like a lady. I really don’t know why somebody would want to kill her.


Police are trying to figure out who would want to kill her as well as they are ruling her death as a homicide. The motive behind the killing of Caldwell is still a mystery, but some believe it may have been a hate crime.

The first transgender to be killed in 2017 here in Mississippi, so close to Jackson, that really hits home,” said her friend Keith Dupree to Mississippi News Now.

“I think people will miss her style, her personality. She won many hair battles, and she hosted competitions in Canton for the young people so she will be missed greatly,” Added Dupree.


Watch news footage on this story below:

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