Man Is Arrested After He Went Live On Facebook After Allegedly Robbing And Killing A Man

Posted On : 01/09/2017

This case is developing as a lot of rumors have circulated on Facebook as to why 3 men chose to murder 23 year-old Javon Perry. With so many fingers being pointed, it’s hard to determine what the truth is. However, what is true, is that 2 children will grow up without their fathers being in their lives.


On January 5th, Javon Perry was gunned down at a Detroit gas station. Video footage shows Perry being approached by 2 men, Derrick Everson Jr., 22, and Kyrell Alonzo, 23. On the video it appears that the men begin arguing with Perry. Did they know him? It’s unclear what the men were arguing about the fight escalated and Everson is shown drawing a weapon.

As Perry tries to flee for his life, Everson allegedly fatally shot him in the head. Another man, Joseph Lucas, 26,  is accused of driving Everson and Alonzo away from the scene.

The video below shows the final moments of Perry:

Fox 2 News also shared images that shows the alleged suspects moments before the gas station shooting. In the pictures, Everson is wearing the same clothes in a Facebook Live video which he allegedly recorded after the murder.


All three suspects involved in Perry’s murder have been arrested. Everson has been charged with first-degree murder, carrying a concealed weapon and  felony firearm while Alonzo is  charged with first-degree murder and felony firearm. Lucas, the getaway driver, has been charged with first-degree murder and felony firearm.


Family members of Everson shared a video of him saying his final goodbyes as he turns himself in. Many people were outraged by the insensitive comments from his child’s mother.

15894375_1057067374404148_1033381393567732476_n-1 While Everson’s son may have lost his best friend, Perry’s daughter lost her best friend. The difference is that Everson’s son can visit him and potentially get to know him. Perry’s daughter was robbed of that privilege.

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