Hell No… U Won’t Believe What Trump Allegedly Paid Prostitutes To Do In Bed Obamas Slept In

Posted On : 01/11/2017

While most Americans are lamenting President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama’s upcoming departure from the White House, reports are swirling about President-elect Donald Trump’s unbelievable level of disrespect toward the couple. During President Obama’s farewell speech, reports surfaced about Trump’s deplorable “golden showers.”



According to Bossip, several news outlets have reported that Trump allegedly paid prostitutes to urinate in a bed the Obamas slept in during a previous trip to Moscow. It has been reported that the room was bugged and the conversation was recorded. Of course, the audio has allegedly been leaked. This report is just another incriminating piece of evidence linking Trump to Russia and Putin despite his repeated efforts to dissociate himself from the Russian controversy. However, there’s more to the report.

Trump’s Sex Life?:

Of course, many Americans are appalled about the rumor and find the alleged actions absolutely disgusting. But, there’s another reason why Trump has become the face of the latest social media memes. In addition to hiring prostitutes to urinate on the bed, there are claims that he allegedly allowed the women to urinate on him.

Internet Frenzy:

As expected, the rumors about Donald Trump’s “showers” has sparked a media firestorm and the memes are relentless. Social media users wasted no time making Trump the face of the latest adult humor memes.

Of course, Trump has denied the rumors and acccused left-wing media of fabricating the story and reporting a hoax, but that hasn’t stopped social media users from dragging him.

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